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Monday, September 8, 2014

Events Through Sept. 30, 2014

The Way Station Events
21+ all the time (it is a bar after all)

All events are a strongly suggested $5 donation unless indicated otherwise.

Can't see the show in person stream it live here 

8pm- Rivky Gee
"A powerful, powerful singer. Capable of reaching notes too high and low for most. And capable of hitting them with emotion." -Howard Bloom, former publicist for Billy Joel and Prince

“Rivky possesses one of those God-given talents and her songs exude power and passion”  -BassyBob, Grammy winning producer


9pm- Yael Kraus 
Genre: alternative torch songs
For fans of: Regina Spektor, P.J.Harvey, Nora Jones

Yael Kraus is a singer/songwriter, born and raised in Israel. Kraus released her debut solo album, Boutique, in 2010 after fronting the art-rock band Panic Ensemble, as well as the Brazilian Bossa Nova flavored project, Bussa and collaborating with a large variety of artists. She is currently living in NYC, where she’s working on her next album with Van Goose, and performing with her three piece band (Guitar, Keyboard and drums). 

“Yael Kraus, independent rock singer, from ethereal cabaret to saucy, blunt brutality in solitary melodies, her eclectic sound reflects her early years in the Middle East, as well as influences ranging from '90's Rock to Bossanova, Trip-hop, Blues and Jazz traditions. The mixture that emerged contributes to her international and unique sound.”


10pm- Pocket Vinyl
Genre: Piano Slam Rock
For Fans Of: Cloud Cult, Beck, Ben Folds Five, Ezra Furman, Spoon

Pocket Vinyl is primarily a story of love. Eric Stevenson and Elizabeth Jancewicz met in 2009 and started dating in early 2010. They went on their first tour in the summer of 2010 showcasing their unique show, which includes a man who hits, beats, and slams a piano with his blistered fingers while a woman (a very beautiful woman) creates a brand new painting each night. Every show was different, and each show memorable to those who came. Now hailing from New London, CT, they've played over 275 shows in over 25 states, hand-make most of their merch, have created dozens of music videos, road documentaries, and other videos, as well as released 3 EPs and 3 full length albums. No matter where they're playing or who they're playing to, they always bring the intensity 100%.

Winners of 9 Whalie Awards, including:
-Album of the Year for “Death Anxiety” (2014)
-Pop Band of the Year (2014)
-Best Music Video (2013)
-Song of the Year “Quiet Epiphany” (2012)

“Most of all, I am moved and impressed by the honesty and boldness of the lyrics. The songs are powerful. Transparency is consistent and it makes me feel like I understand a thing or two about the two members of Pocket Vinyl even if I’ve never spoken a word with them. More so, it makes me feel like they understand me.” - Sean Huncherick, I Am Tuned Up, rated “Death Anxiety” 2nd best album of 2013

"Pocket Vinyl sounds like powerful, piano based rock constructed around Eric Stevenson’s intricate songwriting, energetic musicianship and smooth vocals. As if that’s not enough, there is so much more to this band than meets the ear. Pocket Vinyl is as much about the visual experience as it is about the music; Elizabeth Jancewicz, on stage artist and wife of Stevenson, completes the second half of this duo. Accompanying Stevenson and his piano on stage, Jancewicz trades instrument for paintbrush, creating an original work of art at every show. These paintings, often character based and always vibrantly colorful, bring the music to life in front of your eyes." - lastfret.com

Don't:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HQL1A8dcKKI
Heaven, Hell, or Nihilism:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xfyeo1CEES0
A Little Joke:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XFZoL9lOlvU
Official Website: http://www.pocketvinyl.com
Bandcamp: http://pocketvinyl.bandcamp.com
Youtube:  http://www.youtube.com/user/PocketVinyl
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pocketvinyl
CD Baby: http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/PocketVinyl

11pm- Daphne Lee Martin 
Genre: Songwriter/Electronic
For fans of: Bat for Lashes, Portishead, Aimee Mann

After a whirlwind affair with roots music, garnering her several songwriting and performance awards, including CT Music Awards' 2012 Country Artist of the Year and Whalie Awards' Album of the Year, Daphne Lee Martin is back in force with a new collection of songs on her latest pair of records, Frost & Moxie (Telegraph Recording Company). Since its release, the albums have been featured on The Needle Drop, Rolling Stone contributor Eric Danton's Listen, Dammit, NPR's Where We Live, No Depression, WTNH's CT Style, The Day's Live Lunch Break, and Boston Dig, Surviving the Golden Age, Daytrotter, Radio K, as well as a number of other national blogs and zines. Moxie charted in the Top 200 CMJ weekly chart (with over 45 adds) and was included in Under the Radar's official SXSW Sampler followed by three national tours including SXSW. In 2014 Daphne was nominated in the New England Music Awards for Female Performer of the Year as well as the CT Music Awards Singer/Songwriter of the Year.

"Channeling Peggy Lee singing in some interstellar speakeasy backed by Jack White, where the fashion of bowler hats and bow ties are mixed with Go Go boots and mini-skirts" -Rick Bowen, No Depression

"Lemme tell you it's a badly behaved set of tracks. It's a liquored up weekend whose hangover lasts well into the work week." -Anthony Fantano, The Needle Drop

"Moxie is an altogether different affair. Less a collection of songs – more a soundtrack to a wild burlesque show. Underwater, dreamy vocals, you hear reggae beats under New Orleans horns….bossa nova…honky tonk…Gypsy and swing….all in a late-night cabaret. " -John Dankosky, NPR

“The music is a little dirty, a little dangerous but a hell of a good time.” - Chip McCabe, CT.com

”Cheeky, and full of verve and swing... equal to anything Dr. John might have conjured up in his voodoo lair.” - Vincent Bator, Examiner.com

“With her strong writing style and sultry vocal delivery, Martin has you in the palm of her hand from track one.” - Troy Michael, Innocent Words Chicago


8pm- Hiro Suzuki Band
Genre: Blues, Country, Rock, etc...


9pm- Combat Jazz
Genre: Jazz
For fans of: Budos Band, Nite-Liters,  Lounge Lizards, Jazz Crusaders.

Brooklyn based Combat Jazz is a five piece instrumental group led by longtime Putumayo World Music employee John McQueeney. Combat Jazz seeks to find the nexus between Hard Bop Jazz, Garage Rock, and World Music. Elements of the afro-beat, surf music, acid jazz, and bossa nova also permeate a Combat Jazz set. The players in the band are John Turner – trumpet, Iakov Kremenskiy on guitar, Fumio Tashiro on bass, Trevor Walker on drums, and John McQueeney on tenor sax. Combat Jazz is just putting the final touches on their upcoming album, Zebra, recorded at Studio G in Williamsburg. 


10pm- Tammy Ying
Genre: Pop/Singer-songwriter
For fans of: Sara Bareilles, Colbie Calliat

Originally from Singapore, Tammy went to college in Boston and now lives in Brooklyn, NY. A music educator by day, singer-songwriter and pianist by night, and a photographer-videographer by hobby, Tammy aims to share music and art that people of all ages can relate to. She is in the process of recording her first EP, “Secrets”, scheduled to be released in October 2014.


11pm-  Bloody Death Skull
Genre: doom folk pop
For fans of:  Rocky Erickson, The Shirelles, The Shaggs, Muppet Babies

Bloody Death Skull's self-labeled “creative absurdity” is subtle in the same manner circus music is creepy yet supernaturally enticing. Underneath the young girl coos, xylophones, ukulele, bells and shakers making it an interesting swirl of doo-wop, folk and punk, Daiana Feuer sings about anything she wishes no matter how morbid, naughty, or awkward it may be.

"In their own, adorable way, Bloody Death Skull are as freaky as they come.“ —Weirdest Band In The World

"Mock dirgy sock-hop…Imagine Wednesday Addams all grown up and kicking Kate Bush all over the lot." —L.A. Record

“Ramshackle, disorientingly dreamy folk.”—Amoeba


Magic Hat Tap Takeover
$4 magic hat draft all night long and cool swag giveaway.

8pm- Lesley Kernochan
Genre: singer/songwriter + ham
For fans of: Gillian Welch, Flight of the Conchords, Regina Spektor

Lesley Kernochan is equal parts singer/songwriter and ham. Her show is therefore a bit like going on a beautiful hike in the forest with a bubble gun and a partially tamed dragon. Lesley’s voice is both intimate and powerful and her songs bounce between hilarious and heartfelt. She has toured with many eclectic bands including The March Fourth Marching Band and Vagabond Opera.

"Filled with unending smile-inducing brilliance!” – KBOO, Portland OR
“Kernochan's jazzy pop is intelligent, playful, and has plenty of nuance and groove to boot.” - CDBaby Pick of the Week


9pm- Noble Kin
Genre: Rock-ish
For fans of: Imagine if Kurt Vile were born to Daniel Johnston, or if Neil Young ended up running a bookstore in Manitoba for decades, only to be discovered as an old man, sitting on a pile of self-made eight-track demos, and you won't be far off.

"Noble Kin," the concluding phrase of a long forgotten folk song, provides both a convenient metaphor and fitting origin for the modern Brooklyn band of the same name. Keith Polasko, the songwriter and multi-instrumentalist primarily responsible for the assemblage, was born not far from New York City some years ago and has been plying his trade in Brooklyn since earlier phases of the borough's notorious gentrification. A sometimes dedicated recluse, he recorded Noble Kin's new EP, "Cornish Litany" in a secluded Catskills cabin with engineer and part-time lion tamer Reed Black.

The Wild Honey Pie says Noble Kin's "work steps cautiously and beautifully from hushed folk to ambling Americana, embracing melancholy but never giving in to it."


10pm- The Waysties 
The Waysties leave their barstools and take the stage for a night of raucous Irish songs and Irished-up rock covers. Featuring The Rose West's Alex and Robare, Painless Parker's Noam, Molly of Mist Covered Mountains and Sarah Biz. 

11pm- Jacknife Sympathy
Genre: Rock/Soul
For fans of: Al Green, Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers, Rolling Stones, Stevie Wonder, David Bowie

Vince Parker and Daniel Serrato formed Jacknife Sympathy in October 2012. The pair have formulated their own unique style of Rock, Soul and Blues by blending their Texan and Detroit roots along with a Brooklyn flavor. Shahar Mintz (guitar) and Jordan Scannella (bass) complete the lineup and help bring the original songs to another level. Jacknife Sympathy recorded The Kennel Sessions-EP in 2013 and are currently working on a new EP scheduled for release in early 2014.



8pm- Tim Haufe 
Genre: Indie/Folk/Acoustic
For fans of: Elliott Smith, Jeff Buckley, Daniel Rossen, Stevie Wonder

Tim Haufe is a songwriter and musician who grew up in Poughkeepsie, NY.  His music is volatile, desperate, beautiful, dynamic, and full of hope. His latest self-produced album, The End of the Year (November 2012), has received critical acclaim. On stage he typically performs as a solo act, presenting an intimate and inspiring musical experience. Haufe currently lives in New York, where he is striving to establish for his music the grand reputation that it deserves.

“Tim has all the qualities one looks for in a live performance: He is in tune with the elasticity of the crowd. I could feel myself being drawn closer and closer to the music as the song went on.” -Daniel Dissinger, InStereoPress


Gotham Holler Night
Gotham Holler is really about one thing: shining a spotlight on local country music in New York City. We know there’s a thriving community of country music artists here. And we know there are NYC citizens who love country music. This is our attempt to introduce the two.  

9pm- Drina Seay
Genre: Americana, Country-Noir, 60’s Era Pop-Rock  
For fans of: Eilen Jewell, Elizabeth Cook, Neko Case, Bobbie Gentry, Nancy Sinatra

Drina Seay’s unique original songs combine many styles of American roots music including blues, jazz, soul, country, folk, and rock. Her band is a who’s who of the New York City independent music scene, with Homeboy Steve (Dirty Water Dogs) on guitar, Monica “Li’l Mo” Passin (Li’l Mo and the Monicats) on bass, and Eric Seftel (Spanking Charlene) on drums. New York Music Daily (http://newyorkmusicdaily.wordpress.com/) chose Drina’s live show for their list of The 30 Best NYC Concerts of 2013. They also chose Drina’s original song “Chase My Blues Away” for their list of 100 Best Songs of 2013, which you can download for free at www.drinaseay.com/music.

“A couple of years ago, Drina Seay was singing harmonies with what seemed like every good country band within earshot. Now she has her own band, which frees her up from having to hang out way, way up in the high notes where only a singer of her caliber can go. Instead, out in front of the band, she uses a richly nuanced, high mid-range, drawing deeply on all styles of Americana from country to soul to blues to straight-up rock. Her songwriting is just as sophisticated and eclectic.” - http://newyorkmusicdaily.wordpress.com


10pm- Trailer Radio
Genre: Country & Blues
For fans of: Loretta Lynn, Merle Haggard, Ray Stevens, Hank Williams, Tammy Wynette, The Chalks, Johnny Cash, Southern Culture on the Skids

Trailer Radio jumped onto the New York City scene faster than a redneck on a Nascar Ticket in October 2010. The group, lead by WV native Shannon Brown, delivers an eclectic mix of original and classic country and features musicians who have worked with artists including Elton John, Levon Helm, The Lonesome Praire Dogs, Lou Rawls and others. 

In 2011, Trailer Radio released a self-titled debut album with a fresh sound that celebrates the hillbilly way of life in songs delivered with backhanded-backwoods humor, lively arrangements and quirky guitar licks that complement Shannon Brown’s strong vocals and straight-up country sass.

"Shannon Brown has a belting vocal and a crew of deadly shit kicking musicians. I've said it here before, but this band produces some of the funniest and punchiest country music in Brooklyn." ~ Neville Elder, No Depression, The Roots Music Authority

"If classic country music from the 60s and 70s with a comedic edge is your thing, you'll love Trailer Radio...their new album is excellent." ~ New York Music Daily

"Their new album has a fresh sound that celebrates the hillbilly way of life in songs delivered with backhanded-backwoods humor, lively arrangements and quirky licks that complement Shannon Brown's strong vocals and straight-up country sass." ~ Richard Diehn, Outlaw Magazine


5pm- Damocles Clash
Damocles Clash: Intergalactic Repo Man is a SciFi-Action Adventure Podcast chronicling the space adventures of Damocles Clash and his partner, Hamanthankypt XVII. Together, they repossess spaceships and star vehicles when their deadbeat owners fall behind on their payments. Too bad those "deadbeat owners" sometimes turn out to be the most dangerous criminals, bounty hunters and general nere-do-wells this universe has to offer.

The Way Station is hosting the Damocles crew for a LIVE performance September 20th, 5:00 PM.

We're gonna have live music, swag give-aways, and signature cocktails.

VERY LIMITED SEATING.  Sign up now if  you want a spot!  Visit http://www.eventbrite.com/e/damocles-clash-live-tickets-12770247153 for tickets

8pm- Rob Jennings
Genre: pop/rock/folk
For fans of: The Beatles, The Beach Boys

Rob Jennings is a singer-songwriter from New Jersey with a talent for melody and harmony that recalls the Pet Sounds/Smile era of The Beach Boys, all while retaining his own unique voice. He will be debuting songs from a new 5 song EP in the works titled "The Boulevard Gone."

"As if his musicianship wasn't enough, Rob's voice might be the highlight of the entire project." -Handclap Movement

"His sound goes down like butter." - The Deli Magazine

Twitter: @Rob_Jennings

9pm- Chamber Band
Genre: Indie rock
For fans of: The Decemberists, Coheed and Cambria, Dungeons & Dragons

Sounding equal parts The Decemberists and Coheed and Cambria (by way of Danny Elfman), Chamber Band -- a name taken ironically, we're told -- endlessly strives to strike the right balance between playing no-frills indie rock and telling a good goddamn story. The Brooklyn five-hander has a propensity towards keeping it brief, burning through their jams with hooky, minimalist musicality, stopping only to guzzle their drinks or poll the audience about "where the Catan at." They're currently playing and promoting their debut album, Deities -- eleven sticky tracks about love and heartbreak in the world of Dungeons & Dragons.

“Unholy.” – San Diego Reader (July 2013)
“A critical hit.” – Trollish Delver
“This is the shit right here.” – Nerd Titan
“Damn good… damn good indeed.” – Geek Radio Daily (GRD 198)
“Epic… worthy of the bardic tradition.” – BlogCritics.org
“I was reminded of Led Zeppelin, another band that never shied away from constructing little lyrical universes.”– Feast of Music
“Seriously, if you haven't already clicked on the link to their Bandcamp page and bought this, you need to do that right now.” - Geekland


10pm- Denbaya
Genre: Afro Jazz
For fans of: Fela Kuti, Bob Marley, Salif Keita, Ali Farka Toure

Denbaya (which means family in Bambara) performs captivating, original compositions that defy easy categorizations. Steeped in the West African rhythmic and musical tradition, Denbaya plays tunes with influences that range from jazz and rock to reggae while remaining true to the spirit of Malian music.

" I feel that you are one of the BEST independent artists out there right now." Christopher Ewing Emmy Award winner and Host of "The Radio Cafe ReverbNation Indie Music Countdown"
- Christopher Ewing, Indie Music Countdown (May 03, 2011)


4pm- Moving Pictures: Hand-picked entertainment on the big screen each Sunday evening at the Way Station.

We'll be playing the new episode for you 2-3 times every Sunday starting at 4pm.
More info here: https://www.facebook.com/events/825874687432848/

7pm- I Got A Bad Feeling About This 
Evacuate? In our moment of triumph?! Sadly, this month’s edition of “I Got A Bad Feeling About This . . .” will be our last. It is with a heavy heart, and possibly the baddest feeling of them all that I must announce the end of our run at The Way Station -  but certainly we will be claiming our moment of triumph on our way out! Come see if my Jewish undertaker comes to help carry the show out! It’s gonna be a hellva sendoff!

Featuring Comedy From:

Eliza Hecht - http://menthatarerectangles.wordpress.com/

Nick Whitmer - https://twitter.com/NickWhitmer

Neil Charles - http://neilcharles.com/

Drew Dowdey - https://twitter.com/drewdowdey

Cyrus McQueen - http://cyrusmcqueen.com/

Timothy Sheridan - http://stoneosirideain.wordpress.com/

Chris Iacono - http://www.chrisiacono.com/


10pm- Nerd Karaoke
DJ JOE RUDE and The KINGS of KARAOKE present a Nerds Night to RAWK OUT at the BAR with the TARDIS!!! Come sing They Might Be Giants, Tom Lehrer, Jonathan Coulton, and MORE! No cover, awesome cocktails and fine beers on tap--its the best party Sunday can buy!


6pm- Monster Monday Madness- Horror Animation

7:30pm- Art Talks Brooklyn 
A new speaker series highlighting the Brooklyn art scene. Monthly, we  invite three speakers from different art initiatives, each allotted 15 minutes, to share how their programming positively impacts our community. 

BRIC, Jenny Gerow, Assistant Curator
BRIC presents contemporary art, performing arts and community media programs that reflect Brooklyn’s creativity and diversity. BRIC also provides resources to launch, nurture and showcase artists and media makers. We advance access to and understanding of arts and media by presenting free and low-cost programming, and by offering education and other public programs to people of all ages. Founded in 1981, BRIC's gallery is the oldest continuously operating contemporary art space in Brooklyn. Starting this September, BRIC will launch a major new initiative, the BRIC Biennial. These exhibitions will present the work of emerging and mid-career visual artists working across artistic media, with each edition focusing on different areas of Brooklyn. The first Biennial this fall will survey artists based in downtown Brooklyn and adjacent neighborhoods, a fitting focus given the location of BRIC House in downtown Brooklyn at the edge of Fort Greene, traditionally, an important cultural center in Brooklyn. This exhibition series intends to demonstrate the rich wealth of talent to be found throughout Brooklyn.

Soapbox, Jimmy Greenfield, Director
Soapbox Gallery is dedicated to providing a forum for visual artists to engage in the issues of our time and express themselves publicly without censorship.

In the tradition of the humble yet mighty soapbox that encouraged free speech and played a role in the development of our social contract, provocative work can stir public debate, raise consciousness, and even spur social evolution.

Too many of us despair at the lack of content in work celebrated by the ART world. Soapbox Gallery challenges artists to speak out and be relevant.

Soapbox Gallery is located at 636 Dean Street, Brooklyn, NY 11238 between Carlton and Vanderbilt. It is in the heart of Prospect Heights and a few blocks away from the Barclays Center.

GRIDSPACE, Charles Goldman 
GRIDSPACE, founded in 2010, is an artist run exhibition space located in the storefront window of Charles Goldman’s Crown Heights studio. It features the work of local and national artists, makers and visionaries.

The purpose of GRIDSPACE is to provide an architecturally specific outlet for experimentation that engages the rapidly changing neighborhood of northern Crown Heights. The "space" itself extends from the window and a wooden grid of 12 individually lit 2' square by 16" deep cubicles, custom built into the specifically designed storefront – into an interior wall, creating a small gallery, and out to the exterior fence, creating a public sculpture garden.

GRIDSPACE is open by chance, opportunity and during the receptions for each exhibition. The exhibition continues to be visible through the window of the storefront gallery for the allotted period of time – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The GRIDSPACE archive is located at gridspace.org. Direct any inquiries to cg@cgwk.net.

9pm- Malcolm Marsden 
Genre: Folk-based rock & pop
For fans of: Richard Thompson, Nick Lowe, Hank Williams

Malcolm writes and performs on acoustic and electric guitar, in groups and solo. Having emerged from the diverse Connecticut punk/DIY music scene of the late 1970s, he takes inspiration from mixing musical genres to reveal new avenues of expression. Folk ballads, country and pop art song, rockabilly, R&B and gospel roots music are his ingredients, that blend into a distinctly 21st century American groove. 


10pm- The Jazz Thieves 
Genre: Jazz/Rock
For fans of: Joni Mitchell, Tom Waits, Sufjan Stevens, Bjork

The Jazz Thieves are a group of jazz musicians from Brooklyn, NY.  Their music "steals" elements from different styles of music and brings them to jazz. Like true thieves, they improvise while sticking to a plan, and rely on a "certain set of skills" to help them make music. The band features the dynamic vocalist Matt Robbins, in addition to Ayumi Ishito on sax, Garrett Manley on guitar, Carter Bales on drums, and John Gray, the leader of The Jazz Thieves, on bass.


11pm- Smooth Hound Smith
Genre: Roots/Americana/Psychedelic Soul
For fans of: Shovels & Rope, The Black Keys, The Wood Brothers

Smooth Hound Smith is an East Nashville-based foot stompin' American roots and blues duo. Established in 2012, they record and perform a varied and unique style of folky, garage-infused rhythm & blues. Using primal foot percussion, complex, fuzzed-out, finger-picked guitar patterns, warbled harmonicas, tasty harmonies and A LOT of tambourine, they are able to create something rugged and visceral- a modern interpretation of early blues, soul, and rock 'n' roll music that harkens back to the traditions of hazy front porch folk songs as well as raucous back-alley juke joints.

"In the case of Smooth Hound Smith, two is all that’s needed to brew a raucous clash of backwoods folk, raw blues, and underground rock."    ~ No Depression

"Smooth Hound Smith delivered an electrifying performance and transformed the sleepy tavern style downtown LA bar...into a lively dance hall..."~ deftune.com

"Smooth Hound Smith sounds like what would happen if you boiled the best things about The Black Keys and Kings of Leon down to their essence, stripped out the over-production, added some impassioned female vocals and wrapped it all in a swaggering Country/Soul bow."~ CityBeat


8pm- Cara Scarmack
Genre: Folk
For fans of: Gillian Welch, The Lonesome Sisters, The Carter Family

Cara Scarmack is a theatre-maker and musician based in New York City. A native of Ohio, she’s got Appalachia in her heart and in her lungs. Singing songs of love, longing, heartbreak and home, Scarmack’s music is here and now. And it takes you way back to the old days…


9pm- Motel Sinclair 
Genre: Americana, Indie Rock
For fans of: Cowboy Junkies

Motel Sinclair play heartfelt songs of love, betrayal, and redemption; music that is true to the soul and easy on the ear. Band members have played venues as diverse as Pennsylvania country fairs, upstate honky tonks, NYC's hippest clubs, and our finest mental health institutions. It all comes together in an honest rendition of life's ups, downs, and get-back-up-agains.


10pm- Three Pints Shy
Genre: Irish Rock Band
For fans of: Black 47, The Pogues, U2


11pm- Doll Magdalene
Genre: Folk Rock
For fans of: Mumford And Sons (if the sons were daughters), June Carter and Dolly Parton meet Thelma and Louise

We are Doll Magdalene. A folk/rock/pop fusion band. Formed out of the love of country music. Our songs are a litany of dark humor, ghost stories, and creepy tales of the west.

“Doll Magdalene’s haunting sound and chilling lyrical story telling gave me the best nightmares I’ve had in years” -Gene Getman, Jizzaball.com
“The beautifully sinister harmonies coupled with a honkytonk twang gives Doll Magdalene the feel of a haunted hootenanny.” -Roanoke-Chowan Herald


8pm- Robin Irene Moss
Genre: singer/songwriter
For fans of: Ingrid Michaelson, Regina Spektor, Ella Fitzgerald

Robin Irene is a Brooklyn-based singer/songwriter. She writes and sings honest, passionate, sometimes sassy songs from the heart. Inspired by classic jazz, Motown, folk, and contemporary singer/songwriters, she has a unique sound. Her upcoming EP is titled, “I Like You”.


9pm- Phantom Pop
Genre: Jazz/Funk
For fans of: Snarky Puppy, Lettuce, Robert Glasper Experiment

Phantom Pop is a project created by Dave Lowenthal to record an album of original music. Dave is joined by Josh Schusterman on Drums, Haruka Yabuno on Keys, Matt Giella on Cornet , and Atsushi Ouchi on Tenor Sax. The music combines elements of modern jazz, funk, fusion, and neo-soul. The album will be released in 2014


10pm- The Rat Problem 
Genre: Punk Rock ‘n’ Roll
For fans of: Elvis Costello, The Wipers, Screaming Females, Swearin’

The Rat Problem is a rock and roll trio from Brooklyn. We play original songs with sweet pop melodies, bitter lyrics, and elements of surf, early punk, and 90s alternative for extra flavor.


11pm- Stompcat 
Genre: Dance Rock
For fans of: Daft Punk, Billy Joel, Foster The People 

It’s like a rock concert, a musical and church crashed into each other. Mark and Will have a band. They’ve been hired to play your high school reunion. Everyone in the audience puts on name tags, enters the raffle, and watches as a concert slowly implodes. 


8pm- Joshua Garcia
Genre: Folk, Country, Blues
For fans of: Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash, Townes Van Zandt, Woody Guthrie

Joshua Garcia is a folk-singer/songwriter whose music and writing style draw from the influences of his musical heroes Woody Guthrie, Bob Dylan, and Johnny Cash. Born and raised in Los Angeles, Joshua spent time writing and performing in Providence, RI before settling down in Brooklyn, New York.

A firm believer in the power of song and 'the album' as an artistic format, Joshua is currently in pre-production for his first official release slated for December 2014/January 2015.
Stay tuned! and as he often tells his audiences:
"If you do your best to listen; I'll do my best to remember the words!


9pm- The Sensational Country Blues Wonders!
Genre: Blues/Country/Gospel
For fans of: Hank Williams, Sister Rosetta Tharpe, Elvis Presley, Muddy Waters, Howlin’ Wolf.

"The Sensational Country Blues Wonders!" are a power duo whose patented blend of Blues, Country and Gospel sounds are guaranteed to turn any venue we play into a bonafide juke joint! This is not your father’s blues – it’s more like your grandfather’s…if your grandfather was a preacher in a Mississippi Baptist church. The "Wonders" are: Gary Van Miert - acoustic guitar and vocals. Malcolm Marsden - electric guitar. Come check us out. As always, we promise to rock your soul! 

Blues with a Country feel. Country with a Blues feel. Add a pinch of Gospel and you’ve got “The Sensational Country Blues Wonders!”

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KYh8ZIO1J9M http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X2ret71llTc 

10pm- The Jacks of Kings County
A Brooklyn-based country/americana/folk/rock band that will BLOW YOUR MIND with their original songs, tight arrangements, and angelic vocal harmonies.


11pm- Double Down
Genre: Swing/Rock/Pop
For fans of: Frank Sinatra, Brian Setzer, Michael Buble, Chicago

Rat Pack style swing with a high energy, modern edge. Imagine the good old days of popular music with a modern twist! From Frank Sinatra and Bobby Darin to classic pop/rock hits from the 80′s and 90′s and today, Double Down swings the hell out of everything. Take a look and discover New York City’s best kept secret that is poised to take over!

"This band has a tight sound and keeps the audience on their feet. I booked them for a dance event, and not only did the guests talk about them for weeks afterwards, they requested that we hire them for nearly every upcoming event." - Stacee Mandeville, featured dancer of Mad Hot Ballroom

"Double Down performs with an infectious energy, you can't help but tap your feet. We booked them for several gigs, and they never fail to make our events a smashing success." - Tommy Sunshine, NY impessario


7:30pm- Devilettes mini dance performance

8-10pm- The Salt Cracker Crazies
For fans of: The Memphis Jug Band, Cannon’s Jug Stompers, Emmett Otter’s Jug Band Christmas

The Salt Cracker Crazies have been playing their own brand of jug centric skiffle for centuries. They sing about unicorns. They sing about fireworks. They sing about poontang. Once you've heard their bone rattling, floor shaking, gut thumping hokum, you'll want to bang on something...hard.


10pm- The Sometime Boys
Genre: Americana (folk/country/bluegrass/blues)
For fans of: Joni Mitchell, Iron & Wine, Nick Drake, Loretta Lynn, Jorma Kaukonen

Founded in 2010 by vocalist Sarah Mucho and guitarist Kurt Leege, The Sometime Boys have quickly leapt to the forefront of the urban roots music scene in New York. Featuring succinct songwriting, they blend elements of bluegrass, country, folk, gospel and zydeco into a unique, refreshing Americana sound. Framing the elegance of MAC award winning vocalist Sarah Mucho is an intricate canvas of violin, guitar and keyboard brushstrokes and a soulful rhythm section that won't quit. After recording their debut album, 'Any Day Now' in 2010, The Sometime Boys added Pete O'Connell on upright bass, Jay Cowit on drums and Rebecca Weiner Tompkins on violin and have since been tearing it up on the New York music scene.

"The Sometime Boys are an experimental folk band who deserve to win the Nobel Prize in Chemistry." -adobeandteardrops.blogspot.com

"Times may be tough, but music like this makes us think about what is most important." -overidon.com

"Their debut album Any Day Now was one of 2011's best, and their gentle but intense and unselfconsciously beautiful new one Ice and Blood is a strong contender for best of 2012." - New York Music Daily

Website: www.thesometimeboy.com, www.facebook.com/thesometimeboys, www.reverbnation.com/thesometimeboys
Audio: https://www.facebook.com/Thesometimeboys/app_2405167945?ref=ts
Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SoXFC5Vz13I&feature=player_embedded

Midnight Special - Eric Vitoff
Genre: looping/acoustic/house/dance
For fans of: Daft Punk, James Blake, Reggie Watts, John Mayer, Bag Raiders

Long Island born and raised and now Brooklyn based, Eric Vitoff's tunes toe the imaginary line between the genres of house/dance and acoustic singer-songwriter. Equipped just with an acoustic guitar and some effects pedals, he builds pulsing, colorful beats that make your feet move and your mind wonder just where all those sounds are coming from.


8pm- Yellowcake
Genre: Latin/funk/soul
For fans of: Sharon Jones & the Dap Kings, Alice Russell, Jamiroquai, Ceu, Orgone, Lake Street Dive

Diversity is the key ingredient to the Yellowcake sound. With music that transcends culture, style and language, this NYC band is putting a global pulse on the city's music scene. Yellowcake officially formed in 2009 and today is a group of individuals who share a passion for creating original music that draws on their different backgrounds and musical influences. From the cross-genre melding of Latin rhythms with funk grooves to the group's unique combination of musicians, you never know what you might see, hear, or feel at a Yellowcake show. Come vibe.


9pm- Cuervo Jones
Who is Cuervo Jones?
Combining catchy melodies, driving rhythms, and powerful guitar, this dance punk power trio exploded on NYC scene in 2013. Pulling from the best of their favorite bands: the Ramones, Arctic Monkeys, and the Strokes, Cuervo Jones will be in your head long after the last cymbal crash and barre chord have faded out into the night.


10pm- Comic Tales of Tragic Heartbreak
"You must not try to make love definite. It is the divine accident of life.”
So said Sherwood Anderson in his great book, Winesburg, Ohio. Comic Tales of Tragic Heartbreak knows all about accidents. Of birth. Of place and strange times. Of music heard through screen windows in summer, of lonely faces in discos while blizzards raged outside in the Northern night.

What’s a young criminal to do? Read every book he can get his hands on, obsess over record club 45s, play the theme song to MASH over and over on a rented trumpet, lose a thousand fistfights till he finally wins one. Ride a stolen bike, a bus, a train, get out.

Years later, redemption at last. Robert Whaley is just about where he should be. Compared to everyone from David Byrne to Leonard Cohen, he’s been welcoming audiences into a private world of enchantment and debauchery, and oh the influences are clear:  Anderson (words and emotions), Fossee (dance and controlled hysteria), poetry (Artaud and

Whaley had a lot of practice riding the line between rock n’ roll, performance art, and stand up comedy as the front man for The Niagaras, a legendary force of Manhattan’s live music scene of 80s and 90s, when a wild front man could dance on bar tops and swing from the rafters without getting banned, except for when he was:

“Lunacy? Spectacle? And music too??”- Rene Chun, New York Times

No wonder the attraction included a “celebrity” following – everyone from Ethan Hawke to Kevin Spacey to Gwyneth Paltrow to the good people in Anthrax.

As a songwriter, Whaley has covered a lot of ground and has shown range through a number of outlets.  He cowrote and recorded the original score for the feature film, Joe the King, starring Val Kilmer, and has also written for the stage –his rock musical Wrong Way Up ran off-Broadway at NYC’s Zipper Theater. He is currently working with playwright Matthew Freeman on a musical adaptation of the great 1908 novel, Buried Alive – now titled Selling Sacred Objects.

Meat Market Lullaby, the second album from Comic Tales of Tragic Heartbreak, reflects an obsession with pre-1974 soul, filled with nuance and tender bitter sweetness.  Jazz pianist Mara Rosenbloom sets the tone with her loose/attacking, touch on grand piano and Rhodes. Pete O’Connell lends a sophisticated sense of drive and counterpoint as both bassist and co-arranger. Whaley’s long-time collaborator, lead guitarist and singer, Tony Grimaldi, shines with masterful harmonies and chunky guitar lines.  Chris Schultz, percussionist with Blue Man Group, shimmers, cascades and of course, rocks.

Recorded live in the studio with a minimum of overdubs, a maximum of misfit charm, and this: “Only the few know the sweetness of the twisted apples.” (Sherwood Anderson, again.)


4pm- Moving Pictures: Hand-picked entertainment on the big screen each Sunday evening at the Way Station.

We'll be playing the new episode for you 2-3 times every Sunday starting at 4pm.
More info here: https://www.facebook.com/events/825874687432848/

10pm- Nerd Karaoke
DJ JOE RUDE and The KINGS of KARAOKE present a Nerds Night to RAWK OUT at the BAR with the TARDIS!!! Come sing They Might Be Giants, Tom Lehrer, Jonathan Coulton, and MORE! No cover, awesome cocktails and fine beers on tap--its the best party Sunday can buy!


6pm- Monster Monday Madness: The Entity

8pm- Steve Volkmann
Genre: alternative folk rock
For fans of: Mark Knopfler, Jack Bruce, Bruce Springsteen, Neil Young, Lou Reed, Elvis Costello and The Grateful Dead

New York singer/songwriter, bass player Steve Volkmann performs original songs that tell stories from his experiences in daily life. Inspired by the music he grew up listening to in the 70’s and 80’s, he picked up the guitar and electric bass and began playing in original rock n’ roll bands in the Boston, MA and Providence, RI areas. Steve moved to New York City ten years ago and currently focuses on playing acoustic bass and writing new songs.



9pm- Alex Alexion
Genre: Indie
For fans of: Tori Amos, Fiona Apple, Regina Spektor, Ani Difranco

Born In MA.  Living in NYC.  It’s just me and my piano. 


10pm- Audio Romance
For fans of: David Bowie-Ride-The Velvet Underground-The Verve- Scott Walker- John Martyn

Since leaving Alberta Cross, co-founding member and bassist Terry Wolfers & keyboardist Alec Higgins have joined with Female Vocalist Betsi Valentine and are currently working on their first record together as Audio Romance. This will be their first live performance. 


11pm- Nick Sumner
Genre: Singer/Songwriter, Rock
For fans of: Ray Lamontagne, Biffy Clyro, Tom Waits, Jeff Buckley

Nick weaves haunting lyrics and graceful melodies, bringing them to life through emotionally charged performances. Part of what makes his set an experience, more than simply a show, is his ability to take the audience with him to the places that inspire the music. He has been to SXSW and shared the stage with Slash when he fronted a hard-rock trio, but finds no greater fulfillment than to forge a bond between himself and his audience.


8pm- Liza Warrior Princess
Genre: Folk, Singer-Songwriter
For fans of: Johnny Cash, Lana Del Ray, Vladimir Nabokov, Spike Jonze, and Patsy Cline

Liza Warrior Princess is a modern folk singer-songwriter based in Gowanus, but originally hailing from Detroit, Michigan. Her fiery vocal stylings mix the bluesy grit of her dystopian hometown with the spooky dissonance of her Slavic motherland. With an eye for the absurd in the modern tech landscape, her lyrics explore the numerous ways we embrace and yet fear our iPhones and (oh yes) our OKCupid profiles. Unlike recent big acts in the world of folk, she refuses to wear suspenders and/or pretend it is 1890.


9pm- The Saturday Giant
Genre: art rock
For fans of: Radiohead, Sigur Ros, Pinback, The Antlers

The Saturday Giant is the one-man art-rock band from Columbus, Ohio, established in 2010. Since then, The Saturday Giant has produced three releases, played dozens of shows across the U.S., collaborated with technology conferences and performing arts groups, and become one of the most respected acts in his hometown—all while crafting an innovative and compelling live show in which he sculpts layers of guitars, drums, bass lines, beat boxing, keyboards and vocals into towering walls of sound, without the aid of prerecorded samples. Even while maintaining his rigorous touring schedule, The Saturday Giant is preparing his full-length debut for 2014.

"A one man band who carries the show with charismatic charm and pop hooks." -The Sunday Idiom [Michigan]

"Downright impressive…an indie-rock take on the one-man band with pop-melodies and looped reverb goodness." -Knoxville Music Warehouse [Tennessee]

"Previously, Andrew Bird was the one exception to my anti-one-man-band rule. As of last weekend, Saturday Giant is my new exception." -The Other Paper [Ohio] 

http://youtu.be/rDTpk4p1yr0 - "The Fix"
http://vimeo.com/33752501 - "When Death Comes" 

The Saturday Giant (artist website)
The Saturday Giant on Bandcamp

10pm- Natalie Mishell 
Genre: Folk, Alt Country
For fans of: Ryan Adams, Rachael Yamagata, Mazy Star 

Natalie Mishell was born and raised in Southern CA where she began singing at the early age of 8. She taught herself how to play guitar and started writing songs at 18. Shortly after she moved to NYC to begin her song writing career and now plays with her full band Natalie Mishell & Co.  at many of the local NYC venues. She has two records and a single under her belt, “In My Shoes”  (2010)  “Sunshine” (2011) and “Goodnight Stranger”  that was just released last year.  Since then Natalie Mishell & Co. have been touring and promoting the new tunes! 


11pm- Dave Hassell Quintet 
Genre: jazz, contemporary
For fans of: Miles Davis, Herbie Hancock, Wayne Shorter

Brooklyn based bass player and composer Dave Hassell draws from his diverse background to deliver a genuine and solid musical foundation. Drawing from his rock, funk, jazz, and folk backgrounds he brings a fresh and unique palate of sounds to the table, and consistently pushes others to explore new terrain. Along with being an in demand sideman in several groups, he also leads the Dave Hassell Quintet, which just released their debut album entitled "Bearings". The album is available to stream, download, and order at loozthehoff.bandcamp.com.