Thursday, July 23, 2015

Events through August 15th

The Way Station Events
21+ all the time (it is a bar after all)

All events are a strongly suggested $5 donation unless indicated otherwise.

Thanks to all the performers and artists who participated, as well as their friends and families, 
and for YOUR SUPPORT of the 
Prospect Heights Arts & Music Festival!

Will Simmons Birthday Bash

8pm- Zamba 2 Samba
Genre: roots samba
For fans of: Marisa Monte, Elis Regina, Cartola, Nelson Cavaquinho, Adoniran Barbosa

Conceived as a tribute to "Samba de Raiz" or roots samba, Zamba 2 Samba delves deep into Brazil's musical past offering reinterpretations of Brazil's most joyous music from the '40's, '50's & '60's. Led by Susan Justice's beautiful, clear voice and backed by both Brazilian and a revolving group of international musicians, Zamba 2 Samba will take you to a small samba club in Lapa, least for the night.

9pm- Sungazer
Genre: Electro-prog 
For fans of:  Mr. Barrington, Nerve

sungazer is the collaboration of producer/bassist Adam Neely and drummer Shawn Crowder. Melding live progressive electronic music with modern jazz, the duo creates a fast and furious contemporary aesthetic blending live human performance and electronic textures. Their live performance is augmented by MIDI-controlled video visuals.

“So good it made me want to puke” - inebriated audience member

10pm- Eric Vitoff
Genre: looping/acoustic/house/dance
For fans of: Daft Punk, James Blake, Reggie Watts, John Mayer, Bag Raiders

Long Island born and raised and now Brooklyn based, Eric Vitoff's tunes toe the imaginary line between the genres of house/dance and acoustic singer-songwriter. Equipped just with an acoustic guitar and some effects pedals, he builds pulsing, colorful beats that make your feet move and your mind wonder just where all those sounds are coming from.

11pm- Mike O'Malley
Genre: Screamer-Songwriter.
For fans of: Tom Waits, Glen Hansard, The Decemberi
sts, Fiona Apple

Mike O'Malley carries a lot of anger around. He endeavors to funnel said extra energy into a rollicking, kinetic set of folk songs for drinking, howling, and stomping to. He would specifically love to howl with you. 

8pm- Cameron Orr
Genre: electro-classical indie film
For fans of:  Andrew Bird, Sigur Ross, Radiohead, Phillip Glass, Steve Reich

Cameron Orr is a looping artist living in Brooklyn, NY who incorporates his classical and jazz training with electronic elements to create violin- and synth-driven orchestral, cinematic compositions.

9pm- The LoveHowl
Genre: Blues-Rock
For fans of: Deer Tick, The Black Keys, Brandi Carlile

Amy Sheehan, Alex Sherba, Jonathan Vergara and Jonah Durning-Hammond are  bringing back some classic rock and soul to Brooklyn. A project which developed from Sheehan's solo material, the group has morphed into a gutsy rock act with the release of their 5 song EP The Chase in 2013. They were recently featured in The Deli Magazine’s Best of NYC Emerging Artists of 2014 and placed #10 in the readers polls for Best Blues/Revival Rock band. Their song “I Don’t Know Why” appeared on the Season 4 Finale of the FX television series ‘Justified.’ They are set to release a series of singles in the fall in preparation for their debut LP.

“The LoveHowl is kicking up the dust behind raunchy guitars and sultry vocals…At times, the music might kick you in the gut, but don’t worry: They’ll be there to help you out when you’re down. Down-home tracks like ‘I Don’t Know Why’ never hurt so good.” – The Deli Magazine

“This EP [The Chase] consists of five gritty songs which all contain an overall essence of easy but edgy rock, although each track manages to stand apart from the next. All five pieces have catchy melodies and an abundance of backbone, which makes them go-to selections for those days when you may need a bit of a brazen musical pick-me-up.” – Blues Rock Review

“24 provides a smooth, yet energetic backdrop for Sheehan’s sultry voice, which could easily compete with Gwen Stefani’s, pre-No Doubt breakup.” - New York Social Status 
10pm-Matt Cranstoun with Moonlasher
Genre: Pop, Alternative
For fans of: Prince, David Bowie, Tom Waits

The core of this band is rooted in blues and alternative styles. The mix of modern sounds and arrangements make for a great marriage between familiar feels and something entirely original. Matt focuses heavily on lyrical content and has a versatile voice that reaches from intimate whispers to soaring peaks. The emphasis of the shows are on energy. This band brings the energy. 

"The energy jumped off the stage into the crowd and every mouth dropped in amazement as Cranstoun captivated the room."

"...Matt conveyed a sense of urgency and longing as his breathy vocals and guitar work built up to a passionate outcry backed by fierce strumming"
- DC MusicLive

11pm- Sky Captains of Industry
Genre: Post-Apocalyptic Rock and Roll
For fans of: David Bowie, Devo, Queen

The Sky Captains of Industry came from the future to inform you about the upcoming apocalypse and/or to rock it to rubble. Are they men? Are they machines? Will they indeed save the rest of your heart?

While allegories dressed as science fiction may not be new to this world, they’ve never been more aesthetically pleasing than they are here. I mean, at bottom, once you strip away all the concept and metaphor, Rocket City is just a really, really great sounding record of awesome songs.”— Chris Michael, Eat That Guitar

4pm- Moving Pictures: Hand-picked entertainment on the big screen each Sunday evening at the Way Station.

Parker Lewis Can’t Lose
Rounding out the best month of all, we’re showing the one sitcom that Alex D can actually watch for more than 3 episodes! It took almost 20 years for the high school comedy to be on DVD, but it was well worth it. You either loved this show or you haven’t watched it yet!

9pm- Nerd Karaoke
DJ JOE RUDE and The KINGS of KARAOKE present a Nerds Night to RAWK OUT at the BAR with the TARDIS!!! Come sing They Might Be Giants, Tom Lehrer, Jonathan Coulton, and MORE! No cover, awesome cocktails and fine beers on tap--its the best party Sunday can buy!

6:30pm- Cartoons

7pm- Monday Movie Madness-

9pm- Board Game Night
Bring your favorite game or mine our collection. Dot is slinging drinks all night long, $4 drafts. Best price in town!

8pm- Rashmi 
Genre: Singer-songwriter
For fans of: Natalie Merchant, Patty Griffin, Kate Bush

Poetic, witty lyrics, and catchy melodies reflecting her Texas upbringing, Indian roots and global appeal. Her melodic country rock sound is unique, with her varied & diverse influences, and sound great acoustic or with a band.  With a strong and graceful presence on stage, she connects effortlessly with the audience and ensures an evening of great music for a true music lover.  She is excited to be releasing a new CD of all original songs later this summer called, PUZZLE.

"Her voice carries in that effortless way that fans of Sade, Mary Black, and the more recent Kate Bush would really enjoy" Parrish Highley, Music Producer, Los Angles Music

"Rashmi’s clear, expressive vocals deliver her heartfelt message from start to finish through each excellent original composition. Her skillful crafting of lyrics and melodies give us some real insight into this artist’s unique vision"  STUDIO Magazine Journal of Folk & International Music

9pm- Marc Delgado of Wounded Knee 
Genre: Alt-Rock/Americana/Folk
For fans of: R.E.M/Son Volt/Bob Dylan/Pavement/Grant Lee Buffalo

Marc Delgado’s songs are eclectic & unexpected & deal with characters trying to make sense of the American Landscape.

10pm- Eva Rubin
Genre: singer/songwriter 
For fans of:  Aoife O’Donovan, Gillian Welch, Feist, Fionn Regan 

Eva Rubin plays alternative folk music. It has an edge because of complex chords with organic melodies that play tribute to both the folk and jazz tradition.  

“She was honest, authentic, with a little bit of an edge and a whole lot of heart. She somehow managed to balance a sense of vulnerability with a commanding stage presence that was subtle but firm. Imagine Aimee Mann meets Kacey Musgraves and you just might get a sense of the magnetic pull that Rubin maintained over me. She was great.” - John Barry 
(The Poughkeepsie Journal) 

11pm- Dreams Of June 
Genre: Bluesy Americana 
For Fans Of: Adele, The Black Keys, Lizzy Ward, Citizen Cope

Amanda Daviner and Adam Bishop are the creative force known as Dreams of June. Based out of Brooklyn NY, these musical soul mates concoct an alchemy of pop, alternative rock and soulful blues which hook the ear from the first bar. 

Amanda’s deeply confessional and emotionally charged lyrics are delivered with a signature style and range only truly great vocalists possess. 

When combined with Adam’s mastery of the tableau of rock instruments and indelible pop fusion style, the results fill our ears with unforgettable melodies we are compelled to listen to again and again.

Rounding out the lineup, Dreams of June have added Brendan Smith (Drums), Dan Wilga (Bass) and Joe Wilga (Lead Guitar). 

These accomplished multi-instrumentalist and genre players deliver the same explore the world spirit as Adam and Amanda and create a gripping live dynamic in every room they play.

It is most rare for a band to emerge from seemingly out of nowhere with a signature sound that reminds us of what we love most about music and what the future of pop music can be. Dreams of June is one of those bands.

8pm- Sara Ontaneda
Genre: Folk/ Singer-Songwriter
For fans of: Corinne Bailey Rae, Alela Diane, Natalia Lafourcade, Ximena Sariñana, Julieta Venegas, Karen O.

Sara Ontaneda is a singer-songwriter that blends folk, pop and South-American rhythms. She provides soft melodies over a guitar with a velvet voice that is sweet and agreeable. With bilingual lyrics about melancholy, love, heartbreak and even politics, there is a song for everyone in the room!

 “A sweet voice accompanied by a guitar, that is the folk of Sara Ontaneda, the new emerging figure from Ecuador” - ClubSocial

“Sara Ontaneda combines her Ecuadorian-American heritage with jazz and pop influences to create colorful and lively original music.” - Gallery263 

9pm- Rhythm Tolee
Genre: Punjabi Folk & Sufi
For fans of:  Coke Studio Pakistan/India, Wadali brothers

"Tolee" is a word from Punjabi language which means "a free spirited group of people". That exactly what Rhythm Tolee is, a group of free spirited artists with Rhythm. We make a fun combination (or Tolee) to deliver Punjabi folk, Sufi and Bhangra music.

“One of the most striking performances of the evening” – Jersey City Independent

10pm- Stolen Jars
Genre: Indie
For fans of: Dirty Projectors, Sufjan Stevens, Bon Iver  

Stolen Jars is the indie music project of Cody Fitzgerald and Molly Grund. Inspired by acts as diverse as Sufjan Stevens, Elvis Costello, and Dirty Projectors, the music is a vibrant mixture of looping intricate guitar lines and floating melodies all brought to life by a live band featuring (at this show) Peter Enriquez, Clyde Lawrence, and Matt Marsico.

“Cody Fitzgerald and Molly Grund’s voices spiral and intertwine . . . flutes dart like fireflies, strings swoop down — what started modest and pretty becomes mighty and bold and imposing.” - Wondering Sound

11pm- Werebears
Genre: Indie Electronic

For fans of: The Flaming Lips, Gary Jules, Radiohead
For most, there is the constant quest to find music that resonates with them, music they can really identify with. It’s hard to find something like that in the present day music industry but it can be found with New Jersey band WEREBEARS. Their electronic-­folk-punk sound is enough to lure you in but their lyrics catch you and keep you listening. Their music is 100% genuine, no doubt about it; they don’t just make this music to purely entertain. They make this music for themselves, pouring their lives and memories into it to create not just music but an experience for their audience. It’s not always happy, but it’s real, something I wish more artists did.   

New Jersey based WEREBEARS members Aidan and Daryl make their music with help from friends to create a shared experience to be enjoyed by any music fan. They’ve created songs to sing as loud as humanly possible while you’re driving with the windows down on a beautiful day. Think The Postal Service meets punk rock with a dash of acoustic guitar. They aren’t afraid to mix genres to make something new and unique. Just when you thought you’ve figured out what kind of music they’re making, they release something different, which is fantastic. Their music has such a variety, from electronic to acoustic sounds or sometimes both. WEREBEARS is perfect for a summer day either alone on a walk or with friends hanging out in the backyard.    

8pm- Katie Bulley
Genre: folk / roots
For fans of: Emmylou Harris, Memphis Minnie

Canadian lady. Plays guitar well. Sometimes plays harmonica.
One album called 'Sun Wolf' from Sun Studio. Hints of a rock & roll past fused with hill-country roots.

“In this current musical era of auto-tuning and techno-pop, it’s refreshing to stumble upon the raw folk musical stylings of someone like Katie Bulley. Just listen to the Hamilton native’s recent single “Up and In” from her album Sun Wolf, and you'll feel as if you're in a much happier musical time and place.”
- VICE – Noisey

“Written ‘straight from the soul without the curse of second-guessing,’ She possesses a style that conjures a mash of early '70s Bonnie Raitt blues intimacy with a splash of Zooey Deschanel charm and wit. Both women wouldn't hesitate to raise an eyebrow or two after listening to the vocals emanating from that microphone of hers. You will, too. Sounds like: Music to assist you in finding your way in the world.” - Alan Cross (Toronto, Ontario)

9pm- The Aquatic Safety 
Genre: Bedroom Pop, Dunedincore, Folk Punk, Slackergaze
For fans of: Tall Dwarfs, The Clean, Guided By Voices, The Vaselines

The Aquatic Safety is a 2-piece bedroom-pop experiment that has blown up worldwide. We have a lot of money. We do not sign autographs. We make lo-fi pop music because we think it makes us look cool to girls.

“brooklyn's the aquatic safety are a concise and satisfying study in the possibilities of lofi music that retains its pop sensibilities” -

“short lo-fi songs that have a dreamy, rock vibe with a bit of angst hidden under the pillows” -
10pm-12am- Moneco 
Genre: New York Cumbiadelic
For fans of: Chicha Libre, Destellos, Juaneco y su Combo

MONECO is a band with a driving force and a new voice in the New York City music scene. They mix the edgy sound of one of the most musically diverse cities in the world with the traditional psychedelic cumbia sound of South America. When you hear it you will have no doubt as to why MONECO is referred to as “New York Cumbiadelic.”

“Moneco nailed the alternately spiky and spacy licks that make this stuff (Cumbia) so much fun…)

8pm- J. Swagger
Genre: folk/punk
For fans of: Janis Joplin, the Pogues, Billy Bragg
Punk hillbilly loudmouth acoustic soul-shouter from Brooklyn via Baltimore

9pm- The Lords of Liechtenstein
Genre: Folk
For fans of: Simon and Garfunkel, The Smothers Brothers, The Everly Brothers

The Lords of Liechtenstein is a quirky New York City-based folk music duo composed of two brothers. Noah (ukulele/vocals) and Dan (acoustic guitar/tenor banjo/vocals) Rauchwerk have toured all over the East Coast entertaining audiences with their innovative songwriting, tight harmonies, and hilarious stage antics. They have played on a variety of well-respected stages including The Bitter End, littlefield, and The NY Ukulele Festival. In 2013, they were nominated for two Jersey Acoustic Music Awards: Best Folk/Americana Act and Album of the Year (for "Siberia").
"They're like the Everly Brothers with an attitude." - Mark Miller, Artistic Director, Urban H2O

10pm- Ben Clark & the Long Shadows
Genre: Acoustic, rock, folk, jazz, blues

For fans of: Dave Matthews Band, Punch Brothers, Jeff Buckley, Ra Ra Riot, Martin Sexton

Ben Clark hails from Floyds Knobs, Indiana and leads the Long Shadows, a set of freelance musicians collaborating in his compositions. 

twitter @BLCOfficial

8pm- Layers And Frames 
Genre: Electronic, World, Folk
For fans of: Simon & Garfunkel, Stereolab, Bjork, Andrew Bird, Dub FX

Philly based electronic/world/folk duo feat. Frederic Brewer (guitar loops, vocals) and Mark Sulik (keyboard, vocals). Sample-free live shows combine melodic and percussive guitar loops, spacy piano, punchy synthetic bass lines and vocal harmonies. Started as a solo project in 2011 in China, then migrating through Europe and settling in Philly in 2013. Since 2014, Layers And Frames has released three EP’s, five music videos, gotten spins on FM

"You may not believe it is only two people." -Rick Sabatini (Sheep)

9pm- Institute of Flyer Learning
Genre: hip-hop/neo-soul/electronic
For fans of: Little Dragon, Janelle Monae, Theophilus London, Outkast, The Flaming Lips

The Institute of Flyer Learning is a Brooklyn based hip-hop/neo-soul band composed of a singer, a rapper, and a rhythm section.  Human vocals mesh with electronic beats, pulsing bass lines, and guitar arpeggios pouring out like sunshine.  Flyer Learning performs original songs drawing upon eclectic influences ranging from old school hip-hop and electronic music to art-rock and funk.  For good measure, they also perform some retro-future/re-mixed covers of classic hip-hop/soul songs, paying homage to the grand masters that came before, rocked the mic, dropped the mic, and inspired them to get up and write.

10pm- Stereo Intercourse

Genre: Space-Synth Electronic/Experimental/Pop
For fans of: Yeah-Yeahs, Ratatat, Grimes, Bjork, Patti Smith,Blondie

Stereo Intercourse is a space/pop/experimental duo that consists of drummer/engineer/producer Jonathan Vergara and pianist/singer/producer/engineer Toma.  Together they will tickle your ears with insane imaginative beats, harmonies, and screaming vocals that are reminiscent of Bjork and Patti Smith.  STR ITR creates electronic-innovative melodic songs that enter your membrane and exit your heart like the G train.  Don't forget to wear protection when listening to these creatures, they may give you a virus of aural fixation.

“This sound, the electric technotronic beat is already having a delicious effect on my mood. Very appealing beat. The rhythm is rolling and going in and out on waves of melody. This beat is off the chain. This band has a unique sound. I think they have something.” ReverbNation January 2nd, 2015
“The vocals are unique, they are kinda a mix between Madonna and Katy Perry.”  -ReverbNation January 2nd, 2015

11pm-The Fantastic Plastics
Genre: Neo New Wave 
For fans of:  Devo, The Flaming Lips, Man or Astroman?, B-52s, The Faint, The Cars, Blondie, The White Stripes

If Devo and The White Stripes hooked up and had a love child that child would be The Fantastic Plastics. A 2 piece Girl/Boy combo, The Fantastic Plastics deliver big sound with their Moog synth, big rock guitars, and electro drum and bass. Their electric stage show is enhanced with vintage TVs, and Atari Video Music machine, costumes, and songs you can’t help but sing along to all night long.  We Are Obsolete!
NoNoGoGo Video:
NoNoGoGo Soundcloud:
StinkEye Video:

8pm- Mary Elaine Jenkins
Genre: Blues/Roots/Rock/Americana
For fans of: The Delta Blues, Lucinda Williams, Cat Power, Ryan Adams

Mary-Elaine Jenkins is a New York-based blueswoman.  A South Carolina native and lifelong musician, she began performing live when she moved to Washington, DC for college.  She came to New York by way of Madrid, where she spent two years teaching English, roaming around, and playing a whole lot of music.  Her sound is a delicious and ever-evolving mix of blues, Americana roots, soul, and rock 'n roll, specializing in the sultry/spooky.  This ain’t your mama’s singer/songwriter music. 

9pm- Eliza and the Organix
Genre: gritty jazz rock
For fans of: Cake, Morphine, Beck, The Dresden Dolls

Eliza and the Organix is an experimental Brooklyn-based rock group centered around the songwriting of vocalist and guitarist Eliza Waldman. E&O deals in deep grooves, quirky humor, and high octane playing, drawing from a broad sonic canvas that remains focused in storytelling and soulful sound.

"...A deliciously dark and exuberantly hook-filled sound..."-Peter Hay - Twin Vision

“Led by singer-songwriter/guitarist Eliza Waldman, the group [Eliza and the Organix] integrates madness and irony, providing on off-beat, crazy, and intense vibe that is also fun and inspiring.”-Andrew McDonald - Living Free NYC

“The music showcases a powerful vocal dripping with charisma – Eliza's chief instrument, attracting a serious suite of talented jazz musicians...Whether Eliza continues to find her fun lyrically, or instead opts to marshal that idiosyncrasy through complex song construction a la “freak folk” standout Tune-Yards..., E&O will remain a band to watch.”-Jim Pembry - NYC Indie Music Live

"...Excellent..." -Tom Robinson, Fresh On The Net

"Harkens back to the old No-Wave Movement of the late 70s, early 1980s."
Mike Taylor - Amazing Radio
(ATTN: "Let Me Have This", "Cold Comfort") 

10pm- Lanusa 

The heavy influences of Soul, Jazz and R&B vocals and feel focused in stylistic new folk sound topped with lyrical philosophizing that sometimes requires a bit of picking apart. A lot of love and a lot of purpose. Dark, wide, soaring and earnest. Garners atypical rhythms and a solid backbeat.

"Large audiences with short attention spans are often wary of complex chord changes and atypical tunings. But, resting smoothly and simply atop the guitar, Lanusa’s voice consummates the essence of songwriting, manifesting melodies as pure as air and as addictive as wine, enticing the palette well after the conclusion. And her lyrics, born of a certain philosophical inertia... hit home with resonating pungency." 
-the Budding Review, 2010

11pm- The Walking Guys Tour

Genre: Folk/American
For fans of: Tallest Man on Earth, Zac Brown Band, Dave Matthews Band

The Walking Guys is a songwriting collective out of Nashville. They came together for a 1,600 mile WALKING tour. Their music is very varied and covers the genres of Americana, Folk, Rock, and Country. Their stories from the road truly makes their show a unique experience. Get ready for a great night of great music and fun with these boys from Nashville.

"Representing the best of Southern Folk Americana, the Walking Guys will create a musical experience that will allow fans to join in their adventure of covering miles every day on foot, becoming immersed in the culture of each area they enter, and sharing their story with those who will become the next characters in it." - Guitar World
"Four musicians from Nashville are taking on a task that will make your feet ache just hearing about it. The Walking Guys—four independent musicians who are coming together for a 1,600-mile, 50-show East Coast tour—is made up of Benjamin Butler, Christopher Kessenich, Will Stevens, and Riley Moore." - Travel and Leisure

8pm- Seventh Word
Genre: Rock and Roll
For fans of: Neil Young, The Velvet Underground, White Stripes

The Seventh Word is a power trio by any other name, walking the line between road-ready American rock and sticky, cynical pop, while cranking out a wide spectrum of hyperliterate songs regarding the peculiarities of love, death, and archaeoastronomy.

Singer/guitarist Isaiah Singer studied poetry with Ishmael Reed, and is a former member of Psychic TV 3 and Bryin Dall’s 4th Sign of the Apocalypse.

The Seventh Word released their first LP, Gold & Gravity, in November.

9pm- The Werewolves
Genre: Original Texas rock and roll
For fans of: Vintage Country and Blues based American

10pm- The Travelers
Genre: rock-hop/funk & blues
For fans of: the Hazelton brothers, SmokeDawg Williams, Air Force One, Count Bassface

Our music is a  mix of jazz, blues, and hip hop.  We have a flute, and the faith of a mustard seed. A flute! We'll take you places in the universe you've never been.

11pm- All Night Chemists
Genre: Rock

A band that writes and records a musical potion of hypnotic sounds, unforgettable melodies, deep grooves, and intricate arrangements under the BQE in north Brooklyn...

Brad Gunyon, Len Monachello, and Brandon Wilde are All Night Chemists. Currently releasing two songs a month the trio continues to mix from song to song, both live and on record, with a variety of their fellow musicians.  The result are shows and recordings that are truly their own. All Night Chemists' songs have been featured in the television shows Castle, Mercy, Men in Trees, Life is Wild, and Reaper.  The song "Point of View" was featured in the 2007 film "Ornaments"

 “The Brooklyn-based singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist has a mellow, reflective voice that speaks to experience and a way with instrumentation that, as they say, goes easy on the ears.” 3hive
8pm- Bakkuda
Genre: Electronic, alternative, dreampop
For fans of: Grimes, Banks, Lorde

Bakkuda is alternative electronica with a conscious mind. It is galactic synth beats and powerful lyrics woven with catchy melodies and sweet, ethereal harmonies. It is a message of equality to all peoples. It is art, visual and audible. Bakkuda is music of the future and music of a movement towards a better future.

"Now we're talking! This group combines a sultry RnB atmosphere with twinkly synthesizer sounds, which swell up into some pretty epic hooks."- Jeff Terich, San Diego City Beat magazine.

Official Website:

9pm- Jack Ross

6pm- MECHANICA by Betsy Cornwell Launch Party
MECHANICA by Betsy Cornwell
Release Date: August 25th, 2015
Publisher: Clarion Books/Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

Mechanica by Betsy Cornwell is a gorgeously-written retelling of Cinderella about an indomitable inventor-mechanic who finds her prince but realizes she doesn't want a fairy tale happy ending after all. Nicolette’s awful stepsisters call her “Mechanica” to demean her, but the nickname fits: she learned to be an inventor at her mother’s knee. Her mom is gone now, though, and the Steps have pushed her into a life of dreary servitude. When she discovers a secret workshop in the cellar on her sixteenth birthday—and befriends Jules, a tiny magical metal horse—Nicolette starts to imagine a new life for herself. And the timing may be perfect: There’s a technological exposition and a royal ball on the horizon. Determined to invent her own happily-ever-after, Mechanica seeks to wow the prince and eager entrepreneurs alike. Fans of Ash by Malinda Lo and Cinder by Marissa Meyer will find much to love in this feminist twist on the classic story.

Early Trade Reviews:
“A spunky mechanic stars as a steampunk Cinderella who doesn’t need rescuing . . . A smart, refreshing alternative to stale genre tropes.” —Kirkus, starred review 

“Mechanica has a thoroughly modern theme and teaches young readers to find their passion and become self-reliant.” —VOYA 4Q 4P M J S

“There’s no need of fairy godmothers in this feminist retelling of Cinderella . . . Fans of fairy-tale updates will find it easy to lose themselves in this bright, romantic story, whose hero shows she can not only have it all but also do it herself.” —Publishers Weekly

“Inventive and subversive . . . Fans of Marissa Meyer’s Cinder will gravitate to this tale.” —School Library Journal
Official synopsis:

Nicolette’s awful stepsisters call her “Mechanica” to demean her, but the nickname fits: she learned to be an inventor at her mother’s knee. Her mom is gone now, though, and the Steps have turned her into a servant in her own home. When she discovers a secret workshop in the cellar on her sixteenth birthday—and befriends Jules, a tiny magical metal horse—Nicolette starts to imagine a new life for herself. The timing may be perfect: there’s a technological exposition and a royal ball on the horizon. Gorgeous prose and themes of social justice and family shine in this richly imagined Cinderella retelling about an indomitable inventor who finds her prince . . . but realizes she doesn’t want a fairy tale happy ending after all.

8pm- John Ainsworth

Genre: Acoustic, Alternative, Rock, Blues, Flamenco, experimental 
For fans of:  Radiohead, Jeff Buckley, Rodrigo and Gabriella, Andy Mckee

Crazy 12 string rock-blues-flamenco weirdness with soaring expressive vocals likened to Jeff Buckley. 

9pm- People Skills
Genre: rock
For fans of: The Who, Nirvana, Blind Faith, No Doubt, Cream, Ween, Sly and the Family Stone, Weezer

People Skills are a psychedelic pop rock trio from Brentwood, New Hampshire. They have been shredding the East Coast for more than 3 years, thrilling fans with their soaring, melodic riff-rock pop. The group consists of guitarist, vocalist and songwriter Chelsea Paolini; her brother, drummer Andrew Paolini; and bassist/vocalist Greg Baldi. Their catchy, energetic songs feature precise, dramatic musicianship and effortless cohesion.  They have released two LPs, “People Skills” (2012) and “People Are People Too” (2014), plus the single “Brain Candy” (2014).

“Paolini and the rest of the band are supremely confident musicians. It’s a hard-earned confidence—in the last three years, People Skills have become regular fixtures on the Seacoast scene, playing everywhere and anywhere they can. In a genre characterized by short, catchy songs, People Skills aren’t afraid to indulge in long solos...“People Are People Too” never feels boring, though—the hooks in each song are strong and will keep you coming back for another listen, and another, and so on.” -Larry Clow, The Wire

“Their music flows so well, it feels very natural and effortless, which is obviously not only a product of their talent, but also of how well they know each other.” -Heather Moreau, Seacoast Online  

10pm- Community Center
Genre: Indie Rock
For fans of: Arcade Fire, Bruce Springsteen, Tom Waits, Murder By Death

Community Center is a hardworking 7-piece indie rock band from Baltimore, MD. With a live show that features accordion, violin, sax, cello, and clarinet, Community Center has garnered a reputation for being one of the most exciting and unpredictable young bands working today. The band currently has two songs in rotation on east coast radio stations and this summer Community Center is playing their first festival dates. With a new album coming out at the end of the summer and their first road shows scheduled throughout the rest of the year, Community Center has quickly proven to be one of the most promising up-and-coming bands. Don't miss this show!

6pm- Nevermind Orchestra
Genre: Brass Band & Grunge
For fans of: Nirvana, Bonerama, Dirty Dozen Brass Band, Rebirth Brass Band

The Nevermind Orchestra is the world’s only Nirvana brass band. We use the raw power of a New Orleans-style brass band to reinterpret the raw power of Nirvana. You won’t just hear power chords and rock beats (though you will), you won’t just hear traditional second line grooves (though you will), and you won’t just hear beautiful brass chorale arrangements (though, guess what, you will!). You will hear Nirvana in a way you’ve never heard before, and we guarantee you it will excite you just as much as Kurt, Dave, and Krist did back in the day.

“There's no shortage of Nirvana cover bands floating around but none are quite like the Nevermind Orchestra. Come as you are, and see what happens when Seattle grunge meets the New Orleans brass-band tradition.” — Derek Schwartz, Time Out New York

“If you have “mosh while someone plays a tuba” on your bucket list, this is the place to be.” -- David Colon, Brokelyn (website) (audio, video, press) (video) (Facebook)
8pm- Andrew Marks
Genre: Singer-Songwriter
or fans of:  Ed Sheeran, William Fitzsimmons, OneRepublic

Say national music magazine describes Andrew as a “singer-songwriter who creates heartfelt lyrics that really make you stop and listen.

9pm- Daniel Rylander 
Genre: Acoustic/Alternative/Indie/Folk Rock
For fans of: City & Colour, John Mayer, Ed Sheeran, Ben Folds, Relient K, This Wild Life.

Rockin’ smooth tunes with catchy licks that are sure to get stuck in your head. A nice blend of new and old themes with lyrics that come straight from the heart, mind, and soul. Hopelessly romantic with everything to prove, offering a new take on an age-old theme which is seemingly timeless. A refreshingly new but familiar sound which captivates listeners both young and old. A little musical something that everyone can relate to and take with them that will put a smile on their face.

“[Daniel] Rylander, a drummer by trade who taught himself piano, guitar and a few other instruments, packs the album’s [Strawberry Skyline] 13 tracks with his high emotionally charged tenor to keening melodies that recall other singer/songwriters such as Ben Folds and ’90s emo-kings Dashboard Confessional.

Love seems to be the overriding theme of the 63-minute work, be it abusive, forlorn, lost, brand new or all consuming. Rylander’s got a lot to say about relationships both interpersonal and familial.”
“[Daniel] Rylander’s musical talent, his way with a sing-songy melody and the cool instrumental touches that beef up his arrangements should garner him some attention and fans.” -- Malcolm X Abram’s review of Strawberry Skyline in the Akron Beacon     Journal on Oct. 4, 2013.

“My favorite act of the night came next. Daniel Rylander is a singer/songwriter from Akron, Ohio who released his debut album [Strawberry Skyline] last September and it is nice. I’ve listened to it at least 5 times since Friday night. I even had it playing while I was at work and every person that came into the room commented on how good it was.

[Daniel] Rylander touches on a wide variety of genres from indie rock to country and blues. It’s hard not to find at least one song that you like. Plus his voice is amazing. It’s fresh, young, and a bit soulful.” -- Tea Time with the Mad Artist : blog by Akron-area blogger and photographer, Bronlynn     Thurman on Jan. 19, 2014.


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10pm- Tanbark
Genre: Americana
For fans of: Gillian Welch, Gram Parsons, Angel Olsen

Formed in Minneapolis and residing in Brooklyn, Tanbark is a sometimes acoustic duo, sometimes country band with an all the time affinity for close harmonies and lonesome melodies.

11pm- Doolittle Family
Genre: Folk
For fans of: Everly Brothers, The Byrds, Jefferson Airplane

Sixties pop vibes with a modern psych-folk flavor, featuring tight vocal harmony. 
8pm- Maya Sharpe

Genre: Folk, soul, jazz 
For fans of:  Erykah Badu and Amel Larrieux  

Indie jazz with undertones of folksy soul.  Combining layers of complex melody lines and image-inducing lyrics, it moves fluidly in-between genres. 

“She has a light, country-tinged, voice with an attractive fragility to it: her voice and Handy's soprano sax form an affecting combination.” - All About Jazz  

9pm-  Amandla Turner
Genre: Rock/Folk
For Fans Of: Sara Bareilles, Avril Lavigne, Kt Tunstall, Norah Jones, Ingrid Michaelson
Singer/Songwriter from Brooklyn NY. The music embodies Rock and Folk. influenced by Joni Mitchell, Bonnie Raitt, John Mayer and James Taylor.

10pm- The Griffs
Genre: Garage R&B
for fans of: Adele, The Alabama Shakes, The Black Keys, Led Zeppelin

A quartet bustin' out of the 'burbs of Long Island.  We're the world's only Garage R&B band.  It's a sonic brew of rock, blues, soul, pop and of course, r&b.  Our goal is to play tunes heavy enough for the boys yet sweet enough for the girls.  Can you dig it?!

11pm- DancingScarecrowSages

7pm- Astronomy on Tap

10pm- Divina Supernova  
Alexis Limousin
Genre: Brazilian pop music / World music
For fans of: Sade, Emilie Simon, Morcheeba

Divina Supernova is back at TWS bringing the songs of the new album “TORUS” - a mix of electronic, pop and Brazilian music.

Official website:
Magique -
Sonhos de Liberdade -
Pulsares -
Revenge -
Magique -
Rehearsals for “Pulsares” release concert at São Paulo (sept 2014) -
11pm- Joan

Genre: Funk, Punk, and Ballads
For fans of: Prince, Leonard Cohen, The Beach Boys

A Prospect Park band established in the fall of 2014, Joan’s feel is fun, unpretentious, bold and beautiful. If Grandma’s in town, she’s also invited. Let us know ahead of time through the website and we’ll save her a good seat.

8pm- Michael Sarian and The Chabones
Genre: World Jazz
For fans of: Guillermo Klein, Christian Scott, RH Factor

"Perhaps Sarian's disposition to innovate - an inherent pivot away from the stringent politics of aesthetic identity in New York jazz - reflects a deeper pivoting in identity, one unique to a composer who, like many endowed with the tensions of a transnational or diasporic identity, cannot fundamentally belong." Raffi Wartanian, Jazz Times

"Michael Sarian's music combines vibrant rhythms from his native Argentina with the complex language of modern jazz infused from his current New York City environment.  The resulting mix compels you to listen closely while restraining (or not) the urge to dance your ass off." Alan Ferber, Grammy nominated trombonist, composer and band leader. 
9pm- Sandra Small & The Smallworld Band
Genre: Rock, Funk, Soul, Pop
For fans of: Lenny Kravitz, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Eryka Badu, Sade

A rock-funk soul journey!

8pm- Zamba 2 Samba
Genre: roots samba
For fans of: Marisa Monte, Elis Regina, Cartola, Nelson Cavaquinho, Adoniran Barbosa

Conceived as a tribute to "Samba de Raiz" or roots samba, Zamba 2 Samba delves deep into Brazil's musical past offering reinterpretations of Brazil's most joyous music from the '40's, '50's & '60's. Led by Susan Justice's beautiful, clear voice and backed by both Brazilian and a revolving group of international musicians, Zamba 2 Samba will take you to a small samba club in Lapa, least for the night.

9pm- Jim Joustra Trio

10pm-12am- Hambone Relay
Genre: Soul Jazz/Funk
For fans of: Soulive, The New Mastersounds, Lettuce, Galactic, Medeski Martin & Wood, Robert Walter

Hambone Relay is a soul jazz organ trio based in Philadelphia, PA. HR3 shrewdly explores the genres of soul, jazz, funk, R&B, blues, and rock. Their live performances deliver brazen jams and contagious grooves with a familiar yet altogether refreshing sonic palette, tipping a hat to such artists as Soulive, Grant Green, Dr. Lonnie Smith, and The New Mastersounds.