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Monday, December 22, 2014

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Monday 12/22
6pm- Monster Movie Madness: How the Grinch Stole Christmas (animated) and Nightmare Before Christmas
Free Pizza

8-10pm- Salt Cracker Crazies
Revisit your childhood as the Salt Cracker Crazies, finishing their second
year as the Way Station’s resident jug band, reprise their tribute to perhaps the greatest holiday special of all time, Emmet Otter’s Jug Band Christmas. Join the Crazies as they sing through legend of Emmet, Ma, The Riverbottom Nightmare Band, and the rest of the Frogtown Hollow gang in true jug band style. This is a two-set show, so expect an extended talent show with special guests, lascivious behavior, and plenty of boot stomping hokum.


10pm- Peter Wise
Genre: alt pop/folk
For fans of: Jeff Buckley, Matt Corby, Allen Stone, Gary Clark Jr.

Singer/songwriter Peter Wise (ASCAP) has a lifelong passion for music, playing guitar and piano for over 16 years. A 2014 graduate of NYU, Wise’s sound has been described as alt pop and folk/soul, fusing a wide variety of musical genres to make his own pop/rock style. Blending the early '70s folk/rock lyricism and the modern indie/rock soundscapes and production, Wise’s sound has been compared from everyone from Jeff Buckley and Paul Simon to John Mayer, Bon Iver, and Matt Corby.  Studying music at NYU connected him with some of the industries’ best. He studied privately with award winning and multi Grammy-nominated songwriter Phil Galdston and opened for iconic American band The Eagles at a sold-out Beacon Theater in November 2012.

Firmly entrenched in the New York music scene for the past four years, Wise played a full Studio At Webster Hall in support of Green River Ordinance on their North American tour and is a frequent player at Rockwood Music Hall, Arlene’s Grocery, as well as The Bitter End, where he held the release party for his album When Day Breaks on November 23rd, 2013. With a fan base fast increasing, Wise was a featured performer at Musikfest on the Martin Guitar Lyrikplatz stage in August 2014, and recently played to packed audiences in Boston.

Brooklyn-based Wise continues to perform throughout the New York City area, and has started to expand his fanbase, with upcoming shows in St. Louis and Illinois.

After releasing a four-song EP entitled Don’t Walk Away in October of 2012, Wise spent the summer of 2013 working on his debut LP When Day Breaks, released in November of 2013.  He has now started licensing music featured on both release to TV shows, most recently with the show Bring Your Own Board – Orange County.  Wise continues to work on release new music, with his newest single, Quiet, out this past October.

“On his latest album, When Day Breaks, Peter Wise fuses the upbeat songwriting like that of Simon & Garfunkel with the wistful yearnings of classic folk and Americana.  Opening with ‘To Be Free’, it’s clear that Peter Wise has the musical chops and writing sensibilities to put together an engaging track. Laced with lap steel and heartwarming descending basslines, there are plenty of treats to be found along the way, with snappy guitar work and head-bobbing dropped beats.” – Chris Marsh, Skope Mag

“Hailing from Boston, Peter Wise, currently living in NYC impressed us with his strong jazz and indie rock influences within his music. From first listening to his track “Hatteras” I immediately saw the striking influences of John Mayer-esque guitar picking, mixed with the tambor and harmonies from Bon Iver. Selecting Peter’s music for the show was a no brainer.” – BYOB Artist Spotlight


11pm- Fernando Fidanza 
Genre: Italian folk
For fans of: Dave Matthews Band

I used to play in the streets of Italy, exchanging stories and wine with people around me. My songs are about love, hate, sex and, obviously, wine.


8pm-  Morgan Stewart
Genre: soul/blues/pop/R&B/Jazz/country/rock
For fans of: Susan Tedeschi/Alicia Keys/Eva Cassidy/ Carol King/ Janis Joplin

I play piano and sing. I re-arrange popular covers to sound more blues-like. I also play originals. My sound covers a variety of genres and decades.

"She is a very passionate musician with her own unique sound.”- Virginia This Morning News Show

"Morgan Stewart a very passionate, well-rounded singer/musician that captivates crowds with her unique country/pop music. She has grown up surrounded by music, with her parents & step-family being professional musicians.”- 103.7 Play Radio Station


9pm- TL Band
Genre: Folkabilly/ Harmony Rock
For fans of: Fleet Foxes, Fleetwood Mac, Midlake

"Brash, poetic, and gifted singer-songwriter with an electrifying stage-presence, empassioned lyrics, and an impressive vocal range." -Philadelphia Weekly

Now infuse that with the lush, sultry harmonies between Lynne and Zac Gilbert. Next, add some special sauce to the mix with the John Bonham-esque dynamics of Tami Johnson on drums (12 years w/T.L.)! Rounding out this tasty dish is fellow singer-songwriter Sarah Mucho (The Sometime Boys) on bass. They're currently auditioning sopranos to fill the 3-part vocal harmonies. TLB plays mostly in the Tri-State area and you can hear their latest record that came out in October of 2013 on i-tunes and Reverbnation.

"Tara Lynne Mallon, you are a sexy woman. What a voice. Reminiscent of early Heart, Joni Mitchell, and an angel, this lady can sing." -Alan Pinkerton "Rockpile Magazine"

10pm- VARYA
For fans of: From Radiohead to Regina Spector to Muse and all the way to Gogol Bordello. 

VARYA is an Acoustic-Driven, Gypsy-Folk influenced, INDIE ROCK BAND from Brooklyn. Varya as a Singer/Songwriter has been winning the hearts of everyone who sees her and the souls of everyone who hears her since a very early age. Music is the only way that we can really get into and discover the depth of this mysterious yet so open to the world your artist. VARYA as a full band, with the tender strumming of guitar and sweet strokes of cello, has the most unique sound and captivating feel to it.


11pm- Nyla Ninja Rose
Genre: acoustic soul
For fans of:  Lauryn hill Jill Scott Etta James Beyonce.

Nyla Ninja Rose is a performer at heart singing since the age of 4. Her music is sultry yet refreshingly original. Many of her songs allow the audience to put themselves in her shoes and send them on an adventure of emotions including being in love and falling out.


4pm- The ENTIRETY of Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings Extended Editions.
Join bartender Kati on an adventure for the ages, the ENTIRETY of Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings Extended Editions. Starting at 4pm on Christmas Eve and going until roughly 3am Christmas day we sure have our work cut out for us and hope to see you there!

No bands
THURSDAY 12/25- Christmas Day
Open 7pm- 1am

8pm- Dr. Who Christmas Special

FRIDAY 12/26
8pm- The Sensational Country Blues Wonders!
Genre: Blues/Country/Gospel
For fans of: Hank Williams, Sister Rosetta Tharpe, Elvis Presley, Muddy Waters, Howlin’ Wolf.

"The Sensational Country Blues Wonders!" are a power duo whose patented blend of Blues, Country and Gospel sounds are guaranteed to turn any venue we play into a bonafide juke joint! This is not your father’s blues – it’s more like your grandfather’s…if your grandfather was a preacher in a Mississippi Baptist church.  The "Wonders" are: Gary Van Miert - acoustic guitar and vocals. Malcolm Marsden - electric guitar. Come check us out.  As always, we promise to rock your soul! 

Blues with a Country feel. Country with a Blues feel. Add a pinch of Gospel and you’ve got “The Sensational Country Blues Wonders!”.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KYh8ZIO1J9M http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X2ret71llTc

9pm- Cuervo Jones
Who is Cuervo Jones?
Combining catchy melodies, driving rhythms, and powerful guitar, this dance punk power trio exploded on NYC scene in 2013. Pulling from the best of their favorite bands: the Ramones, Arctic Monkeys, and the Strokes, Cuervo Jones will be in your head long after the last cymbal crash and barre chord have faded out into the night.


10pm- Community Center
Genre: Indie Rock
For fans of: Arcade Fire, Bruce Springsteen, Tom Waits, Murder By Death

Community Center is a hardworking 7-piece indie rock band from Baltimore, MD. With a live show that features accordion, violin, sax, cello, and clarinet, Community Center has garnered a reputation for being one of the most exciting and unpredictable young bands working today. Don't miss this show! 


8pm- Mar Salá
Genre: Flamenco-pop
For fans of: Rosario, Bebe, La Mala Rodriguez

Based in Brooklyn, Marta Hernández, (aka Mar Salá) is an international singer songwriter, a self taught musician from Seville, Spain. With the collaboration of many accomplished musicians from all over the world, she mixes Latin sounds such as Rumba Flamenca, Brazilian rhythms and Spanish pop, with swing and Rock.

"Mar Salá is pure energy, like a volcano in control" Jose Miguel López. Radio 3.RNE


9pm- Mind Open
Genre: Jazz/Rock/Boogaloo/Bossa/Psychedelic/Funk
For fans of: Medeski, Martin & Wood, Pat Metheny, Gary Burton, Stark Reality, Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass

Forget everything you thought you knew about Jam Bands. One of the freshest, exciting, and unique sounding bands on the scene today is the very talented Mind Open. Instrumental and jazz based, with a touch of rock, Brazilian, and psychedelic grooves, the Mind Open experience is one you have to see to believe. The bulk of the material the band plays is contributed by Vibist Chris Covais, and Guitarist Andrew Ahr. The rest? Rare grooves from obscure groovy jazz-funk, rock, and psych records. Make sure you see Mind Open spread peace, love, and good vibrations through the medium of music, at one of their many shows in New York city.


10pm- Cookie Cutta 
Genre: Funk ‘n Stuff (Funk is Funk... And the ‘Stuff’ is everything else)
For fans of: Sly Stone, Jimi Hendrix, Chaka Khan & Rufus, Betty Davis

COOKIE CUTTA is the Divalicious frontwoman of ‘The Cookie Cutta Experience’: The Ultimate groove party full of Funktastic Flava! Cookie’s mission, along with her band ‘The Crisps’,  is to perform all over the world spreading positive vibes and funk-delishus soiunds!


SUNDAY 12/28
4pm- Moving Pictures: Hand-picked entertainment on the big screen each Sunday evening at the Way Station.

Dr. Who Christmas special

9pm- Nerd Karaoke
DJ JOE RUDE and The KINGS of KARAOKE present a Nerds Night to RAWK OUT at the BAR with the TARDIS!!! Come sing They Might Be Giants, Tom Lehrer, Jonathan Coulton, and MORE! No cover, awesome cocktails and fine beers on tap--its the best party Sunday can buy!


MONDAY 12/29
8pm- Martina Fiserova
Genre: folk jazz
For fans of: Joni Mitchell, Lizz Wright, Kate Bush, Tracy Chapman

An experienced singer from Prague, Czech republic, performing her original music. Martina Fiserova has been surrounded by musicians since the moment she was born. It took her many years to realize and accept the fact that she was becoming a musician herself. After a decade spent gaining experience on the Prague Jazz Scene (from blues and fusion oriented bands to collaborations with international bands, backing up rock stars and diving into silence with music therapy), she decided to get her ass kicked by New York City. Come check out her unique songwriting approach and intimate yet emotional vocal performance.

“Her voice is graceful, and her phrasing and delivery are right on tempo.” - James Nadal, All About Jazz

“Her biography is impressive. (...) Jazz pop? Folk jazz? Either way it's cool, and if this is the sort of stuff she is capable of writing then I hope there is more on the way.” - Tony Emmerson, Prague Jazz Blogspot


9pm- Divining Rod
Genre: Folk
For fans of: Pentangle, Nick Drake, Fairport Convention, Stephen Stills, Manassas, Bert Jansch

A veteran of the New York and Baltimore music scenes, Miyuki Furtado branches out musically with his latest work as psych-folk explorer, Divining Rod. The band creates dense sonic collages of frenzied drums & explosive guitar. Songs steeped in 60's British Folk & 70s US folk rock are fused with psych drones resulting in a heady mix of melodic songwriting and left turn experimental arrangements.

"OK, it’s honesty time. Though we can mostly all agree that NYC, with the emergence of Brooklyn DIYs and the ability of the internet to stream albums to LA A&Rs faster than you can say Best New Music®©™, has once again become America’s preeminent music mating pit, the city’s folk scene has remained comparatively infantile (not so much in quality as development). Gotham gig vet Miyuki Furtado’s newest project, Divining Rod, however, is exactly the kind of band that could kickstart an urban folk movement in the already flannelled and bearded bastions of Brooklyn." - My Social List


10pm- Rooster-Mimi OZ
Genre: alt country rock, Americana
For fans of: PJ Harvey, Astrud Gilberto, Fleetwood Mac

Our music is a little manic, meaning all over the place because my tastes are so broad and I bore easily. We play a few songs in spanish, alt country rock, blues, and folk pop. The songs are “story songs”, based on experiences that unravel, so they are based around the lyrics, following a pop structure. My music can transport the listener, make one forget where they are, maybe even mess with the idea of time a little bit.

“Mimi Oz actually has the potential to be that rare artist that can take something real into that other world, you know, the one where they give out Grammy Awards”, JJ Hayes, Boog City. 



11pm- Saydi
Genre: Singer-Songwriter / Indie-Pop
For fans of: Fiona Apple, Tori Amos, Adele, Sia, Jess Glynne

Coming from the deserts of Phoenix, pianist, singer-songwriter, and indie-pop artist Saydi wears her heart on her sleeve like a badge of honor. Her strong emotive songs are filled with love, beauty, & heartbreak. Raised on the gospel of Tori Amos and Fiona Apple, classically-trained Saydi is ready for her strong voice to be heard.


8pm- valDaniel
Genre: urban electro-folk
For fans of: keller williams, jack johnson, de la soul, ben harper

Drawing on multifarious influences from folk to soul to latin and african rhythms, valDaniel loops vocals and multiple instruments together to weave a rich cord both tethered in and embellishing the singer/songwriter tradition.

"The most creative and multi talented set you can witness live in this city... Valdaniel is up there by himself and killin' it." - Mike Morello, owner: Vagabond Cafe.

"Playing more instruments than it would be fair to ask a workhorse to carry, Valdaniel combines guitar loops, with catchy melodies, beat boxing and trumpet. He never fails to captivate a room." Niall Connolly, singer/songwriter



9pm- Otan Vargas 
Genre: Organic Rock / Acoustic Rock
For fans of: Alice in Chains, Staind, Pearl Jam, Days of the New

Otan is a Filipino born artist who first received recognition in 2009 when Staind frontman Aaron Lewis discovered him on YouTube covering one of his songs.  Lewis later invited Vargas onstage at The Music Box Borgata Hotel and Casinos to perform Staind’s “It’s Been Awhile.”  His heartfelt rendition that night elicited a standing ovation from the crowd. Otan Vargas sings about enduring suffering, battling the voices within, and trying to find a constant peace for his soul. 

“Trust me, if you love bands like Alice In Chains and Staind, you will love Otan Vargas. This kid can write some good music..." (Tim Louie / The Aquarian)

“Otan Vargas’ appeal is found in his deep gravelly vocals backed by brooding bass lines. A powerful simplistic combination layered with candid lyrics..." (Myriah Christine / Resonance Indie Music Vibe)

www.otanvargas.com                                                                               https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rFvAbu_7FNQ

10pm- Ioanna Tsagari & Black Cotton Doll Quartet
Genre: Jazz R'n'B
For fans of: Maria Joao, Rachelle Ferrell, Nah Youn Sun, Dee Dee Bridgewater, Layla Hathaway, Cyrille Aimee, Billie Holiday, Dinah Washington, Sarah Vaughan, Ella Fitzgerald, Nina Simone, Aretha Franklin, Etta James, Anita Oday, Hooverhonic, Portishead, Roy Hargrove, Erica Badoo, Charlie Parker, Oscar Peterson, Asian and Greek Folk musician Maria Callas.

Blues and Jazz standards rearranged and performed uniquely with R'n'B and ethnic influences.

''Black Cotton Doll is a witch of the crowd...She can do whatever she wants. She owns the stage. She has amazing connection with the crowd and her passionate and genuine personality touches everybody’s heart. It's not only about her voice her skills and her music, but it's something pure and seductive about her energy that grasps everyone's breath.''  Ant1 TV

''She is definitely one of the most promising and talented young Jazz artists. Her musicality, the way she interprets, interacts and delivers music messages in combination with her extreme vocal range and unique color makes her unbeatable.'' Athens Jazz Radio.

''Her voice is warm and mellow like an old whiskey and when she reaches those high notes is like a mermaid seducing sailor men...You get lost in her melodies.''  LIFO magazine


11pm- The Boobies 
Genre: Rock Indie
For fans of: White Stripes, Modest Mouse, Alabama Shakes, Weezer

Three voices with a lively sound and performance. Rock, punk, indie influenced with a folky sense of story telling. Vocal harmonies and heavy hitting riffs.


12/31- New Year's Eve
Wasabassco’s Rocking 80’s 
New Wave Eve Party
Tickets on sale now. Click here. $50
Doors at 8pm
Take a trip back to the time of skinny ties, Flock-of-Seagulls hair, eyeliner and John Hughes movies at The Way Station's 4th Annual New Wave Eve party. DJ Pseudo Iguana will be playing the best of the 80's New Wave music to dance in the new year while Wasabassco teases and titillates your senses. We're capping the tickets so you're guaranteed an amazing New Year's Eve party that isn't packed like a subway car at rush hour, surrounded by fabulous people, great music and sexy fun.


Wasabassco performances from 9-midnight and Go-Go from midnight-1am courtesy of Evelyn Vinyl, Nasty Canasta, Penny Wren, Sydni Deveraux, and Mala Morrigan. Hosted by Doc Wasabassco.

Doors: 8pm

Midnight: Countdown with complimentary champagne toast

2am: Early brunch with free bagels and such

Tickets: $50

VIP Tickets: With 2 VIP booths for up to 5 guests. Including complimentary champagne service 9-midnight $350. Sold Out.

No bands

8pm- Big Dog Run
Genre: Americana
For fans of: The Civil Wars, Mumford and Sons, Jamestown Revival, Fleetwood Mac, Trampled by Turtles

Originally from Colorado, this six piece Americana band has brought a laid back, mile-high attitude to the gritty streets of New York. With thoughtful, entertaining lyrics, a one of a kind percussion spread, and rocking melodies to keep your foot tapping, Big Dog Run always puts on a show that’s not to be missed. 

“They have such a full and beautiful sound as well as amazing energy on stage.  Truthfully, I haven’t enjoyed a live show this much in a very long time,”  - In the Shed Media, Ltd.

“Big Dog Run’s multi-talented regime is bravely paving a new wave sound of a traditional musical art form.” -  Detoxaholic


9pm- Jonny Meyers & the Trio
Genre: Cosmic American Music
For fans of: Gram Parsons, Neil Young, Booker T & the MGs

Jonny Meyers & the Trio play Cosmic American Music that is New York City borough centric. Meyers, a Forest Hills/Queens native, draws from the songwriter predecessors from his old neighborhood like Paul Simon, Burt Bacharach and The Ramones. Their debut album "Somewhere You've Been," dropped in October 2014. According to fellow musician Wayne Myers, "Jonny's songs have nothing to hide, and as a listener, you always feel like a welcome and invited guest." 


10pm- Ted Hefko and The Thousandaires
Genre: Americana/Roots
For fans of: Bob Dylan, Dr. John, Trombone Shorty, Kermit Ruffins and The Barbecue Swingers, Old Crow Medicine Show, Galactic

Ted Hefko and The Thousandaires combine the urgency and spontaneity of jazz, with the gritty bare bones sensibility of early folk blues, and the vibrancy of New Orleans culture to bring life to original story songs. Born in Madison, Wisconsin, Ted Hefko moved to New Orleans on a Greyhound Bus when he was 18 and fresh out of high school. He rode next to a Memphis call-girl, nearly twice his age, who entertained him with stories of the ins and outs of the business as they rode. From a home base in Brooklyn, NY, The Thousandaires tour a wide swath of the country from Thomas West Virginia, to Tulsa Oklahoma, and Kansas City Missouri.

"Follow that brooding Southern-fried piper dripping with sass and eloquence, and one song leads to another. There’s a little romance. Foot tapping quickly escalates to a slow dance with a sound match made somewhere between Dixieland and heaven." — Dionne Charlet, Where Y'at

"A sonic breath of fresh air, entertaining and a nice slice of Americana roots music without every coming close to the self indulgent pitfalls more common today by most artists" — Brent Black, Critical Jazz

“If I Walked On Water - has songs about trains, buses and taking steps to get some where you want to be. - They will make you laugh, dance and think” -Oscar Brooks - The Examiner

“Ted Hefko writes New Orleans inspired jazz that appeals to the NYC crowd. That's a tall order, but he and his band, the Thousandaires, know how to make music that sounds upbeat, sophisticated, and fun while staying true to the spirit of New Orleans. Think of him as an urban Dr. John.” -Calvin Powers - Taproot Radio


8pm- Gavroche
Genre: French jazz
For fans of: Edith Piaf, Charles Trenet, Django Reinhardt

Gavroche jazz band brings the streets of Paris of the early 20th century to New York. Combining Valentine's expressive voice with Sunny's melodious playing, Gavroche jazz band hypnotizes by adding its own twist to the stylings of Edith Piaf, Mistinguette, Damia, Charles Trenet, and Yves Montand. Valentine was the resident performer of Fete Paradiso 2013, the Parisian festival of vintage carnival rides and carousels on Governors Island.


9pm- Bonsai
Genre: Folk/rock/pop
For fans of: Feist, Regina Spektor, Stevie Nicks, Chrissie Hynde

Simone Stevens is a singer-songwriter based in Brooklyn New York. She blends folk with rock and peppers it with pop.

10pm- All Night Chemists
Genre: Rock

A band that writes and records a musical potion of hypnotic sounds, unforgettable melodies, deep grooves, and intricate arrangements under the BQE in north Brooklyn.

Brad Gunyon, Len Monachello, and Brandon Wilde are All Night Chemists. Currently releasing two songs a month the trio continues to mix from song to song, both live and on record, with a variety of their fellow musicians. The result are shows and recordings that are truly their own. All Night Chemists' songs have been featured in the television shows Castle, Mercy, Men in Trees, Life is Wild, and Reaper. The song "Point of View" was featured in the 2007 film "Ornaments" 

“The Brooklyn-based singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist has a mellow, reflective voice that speaks to experience and a way with instrumentation that, as they say, goes easy on the ears.” 3hive


4pm- Moving Pictures: Hand-picked entertainment on the big screen each Sunday evening at the Way Station.

Wallace & Gromit - The Curse of the Were-Rabbit

As a town’s precious veggies go missing, W&G are raring to get to the bottom of the mystery. Preceded by the award-winning Aardman short, “Stagefright”.

9pm- Nerd Karaoke
DJ JOE RUDE and The KINGS of KARAOKE present a Nerds Night to RAWK OUT at the BAR with the TARDIS!!! Come sing They Might Be Giants, Tom Lehrer, Jonathan Coulton, and MORE! No cover, awesome cocktails and fine beers on tap--its the best party Sunday can buy!


6pm- Monday Movie Madness: Streets of Fire

Paul Ryan Presents and evening of singer songwriters

8pm- Vinny Bunnicelli
Genre: Fingerstyle Guitar-pop/funk/indie
For fans of: Andy McKee, Antoine Dufour, Tommy Emmanuel, Don Ross

Vinny has performed with a variety of bands ranging from original music, cover bands, and doo-wop groups. Most recently he has been playing as a solo fingerstyle guitarist. Fingerstyle guitar is a unique style of playing that blends fingerpicking with percussion on the body of the guitar. It is often considered a “one man band” approach to music. Vinny’s repertoire includes catchy melodic original pieces along with arrangements of classic pop music such as Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson and the Beatles.


9pm- Sun Thief 
Genre: Folk Rock
For fans of: Fleet Foxes, Elliott Smith, Radiohead, Avett Brothers

The dulcet harmonies of Sun Thief have been lauded by many a listener from the far reaches of Crown Heights to the stony rows of Park Slope. Formed in the Spring of 2014, Sun Thief consists of Nathaniel Riehl (vox/guitars), Patrick Cochrane (vox/guitars), and John Matson (vox/drums). All members contribute to the band's catalog of original music which can be described as folky, sometimes ethereal, and always introspective. The band plans to release their first EP this Spring.


10pm- Danny Jonokuchi 
Genre: Jazz

Trumpeter, pianist, and composer Danny Jonokuchi has proven to be one of the most unique and dynamic musicians to arrive on the New York jazz scene.

"This 22-year-old bandleader is definitely a sound of this era for all the best reasons." -Anthony Dean-Harris (Nextbop)

"[Danny Jonokuchi's] band is quite flexible in their delivery of these well crafted arrangements, showing that good jazz doesn’t have to be all improvisation as much as inspiration." -George W. Harris (JazzWeekly)


11pm- A Flying Dodo Society
Genre: jungle-pop, anti-folk, crooner, musical theater
For fans of: Belle & Sebastian, Cole Porter, Daniel Johnston, The Muppets, Pavement, Billie Holiday, Alan Menken, Gene Austin, The Beach Boys

A Flying Dodo Society is a husband-wife-and-friend Brooklyn-based music project. They make playful melodic songs about love, nature, cannibalism and absurdity drenched in a measureless wonderment at the inescapability of extinction.

With members from Argentina, Puerto Rico and the United States, they have accomplished hundreds of smiles and sing-alongs playing in all types of settings; from the forests of Córdoba, to terraces looking out on the Caribbean Sea, to underground venues in NYC.

"If you like your breakfast cereal with dry leaves and powdered skulls, this is the music for you. The songs are deceptively sweet and crunchy, but there is plenty of marrow in every bite." Club de Folk, Rosario, Argentina

"The most fun I've had at a live show in years! They make the crowd help out with special effects (sparklers, bubbles, etc.) and encourage everyone to sing along. I left the show feeling I was truly part of the Society."  Conboca, Puerto Rico


8pm- Scott Barkan 
Genre: Americana/Jazz/Folk/Rock
For fans of: Greg Brown, Tom Waits, Bill Frisell, Kelly Joe Phelps

Barkan brings a modern sensibility to the breadth of American music traditions by coupling honest, literate songwriting with deft and masterful guitar work. Influences spanning from free jazz to bluegrass to indie rock are held together by his gruff baritone, which can switch from a hoarse, intimate growl to soaring melodies on a dime.

“Scott Barkan is a masterful guitarist – really, a total whiz of a rare order" - The Hudson Valley Almanac Weekly

"Scott Barkan is a force to be reckoned with... sophisticated chord voicings, complex finger picking patterns, and a flurry of blues, jazz, and folk inflected riffs performed with a ringing acoustic tone and an undeniable rhythmic drive.”—Wired.com


9pm- Odell
Genre: Americana/Alt-Country
For fans of: Josh Ritter, Ryan Adams, Black Keys

Blood-boiling acoustic Americana brought to you by 16 strings, 3 voices, and 4 New York souls.


10pm- Pork Chop Willie
Genre: Blues/Roots
For fans of: RL Burnside, Junior Kimbrough, Lucinda Williams, Steve Earle

Pork Chop Willie’s debut national album Love is the Devil lights a new fire under America’s musical melting pot, bringing fresh heat to the Mississippi hill country blues tradition while blending in elements of Americana, rock, alt-country and even classical music. The 13-song disc serves as a bridge between those genres, the past and the present, and the band’s Magnolia State inspirations and Manhattan home. Led by singer-guitarist Bill Hammer and violinist Melissa Tong, Pork Chop Willie is fueled by grooves, grit, honesty and passion as well as a unique blend of down-home and uptown musicianship.

“Brilliant new national debut release … Hill Country music and beyond, like you have never heard before … An absolutely wonderful album that very quickly rose to the top of my favorites list for 2014 ...” —John Vermilyea, Blues Underground Network

“I'll be hard pressed to find another debut this year that impresses me as much as this album. All the right ingredients presented with great musicianship and passion. The roots, they be strong and entangled with tradition but with a unique freshness.” —Popa’s Tunes, PopaTunes.Blogspot.com

"With this hypnotic, modern approach to the spiritual purgation that is great hill country blues, Pork Chop Willie should turn some ears…Tracks like Too Many Cuts are strikingly original as the yearn of Tong's violin provides a fresh spin on an old formula…The debut album...is as raw as any hill country stomp and as haunting as the most backwoods Appalachian holler".  -Living Blues Magazine


11pm- Hamin Reed
Genre: Acoustic
For fans of: Elliott Smith, Tool

Hamin Reed [hay min reid] conveys love & hate, dark & light, everything between & everything outside, and what it means to the human psyche. Born in New Bedford, Massachusetts in 1984, he has been performing regularly solo or with different musicians from all over the world. Currently based in New York City.

"An acoustic artist who challenges the notions of wood, strings, and sentiment... Just as much a slap in the face of your "folky" values as it is an embrace of humanity song, craft, and experiment." -- Jason Medina (Producer/Promoter, Transient Authority)

"Jeff Andrade's musical project Hamin Reed goes unparalleled in its diversity of sound and talent. His voice is warm and heartbreaking on ballads and he can rock harder than any hardcore musician I've seen. The lyrics are thought provoking and emotionally moving to whimsically entertaining. Hamin Reed crosses a plethora of genres with a facility that does not make their performances seem disjointed. It is to say that whilst traversing through a variety of styles, there exists a continuity that is never lacking. Hamin Reed is an act that defines what more acts in current state should be, talented, creative and entertaining." -- Daniel Ouellette (Performance Artist, Daniel Ouellette and the Shobijin)

"Get inside the head and heart of one of the most evoking songwriters I have ever encountered. Genius insight to the world and who we are in it. I've been everywhere from Bluebird Cafe in Nashville to The Bitter End in NYC listening to hundreds of songwriters and none have been quite as prodigious as Jeff. He has inspired and ignited me as both a listener and a producer-songwriter. He has been an exquisite new addition to my ipod as well as an amazing addition to my life as a friend. Check him out. You will not regret it." -- Nicole Berkowitz (Producer-songwriter, The Willow Tree)


8pm- Dan Strauss
Genre: Indie folk/Americana
For fans of: Paul Simon, Hank Williams, Bruce Springsteen (the “Nebraska” Bruce), Nick Drake

Dan Strauss has become a favorite NYC and Hudson Valley singer-songwriter with an intimate vocal style. To describe his music as indie-folk would be convenient but limiting, as Dan’s songs reach into the rich history of rock, Americana and pop. A Queens native, Dan grew up on The Beatles, Bruce, Elvis Costello and Bowie and later found songwriting heroes in Liz Phair, Wilco and Jeff Buckley. Dan’s songs honor these greats by combining memorable melodies with expressive, thoughtful lyrics. His characters and stories have been connecting with audiences for close to twenty years. 


9pm- Cameron Orr
Genre: electro-classical indie film
For fans of: Andrew Bird, Sigur Ross, Radiohead, Phillip Glass, Steve Reich

Cameron Orr is a looping artist living in Brooklyn, NY who incorporates his classical and jazz training with electronic elements to create violin- and synth-driven orchestral, cinematic compositions.


10pm- Glass Cannons

11pm- Blak Diamondz

8pm- Lulu Fall and James Theory
Genre: Soul
For fans of: Marvin Gaye, Amy Winehouse, Bob Marley

LF + JT  consists of Lulu Fall, singer/songwriter/actor from Washington, DC,  and James Theory (pianist/poet) from Portland, Oregon. After initially meeting in 2012, they joined forces musically in 2013. Their music, rich, velvety and honest, has tones of Amy Winehouse, Marvin Gaye and Billie Holiday. Their music evokes the soulful spirit of old jazz mixed with raw rhythm and blues. 


9pm- The Visions
Genre: Pop/Funk
For fans of: Prince/ Haim/ Frank Ocean

The Visions are brothers Ben and Michael Shugarman and longtime friend Ryan Brooks. They write, produce, record, and perform all of their music. Their sound lives at the intersection of pop and funk, in the possibility of a new destination, a different approach to songwriting. To hear them live is to feel their musical heritage in the raw. In between then and now, The Visions are on the road.


10pm- Everyman
Genre: R&B/Funk/Rock
For fans of: Stevie Wonder, Jimi Hendrix, Dave Matthews

Everyman is a group of musicians who intend to take the popular music genre in a new direction. Their sound incorporates elements of rock, jazz, blues, funk, soul, reggae and hip hop. John, Dylan and Allen have been together as Everyman for over six years. All three of these guys were child performers who have matured into marvelous musicians and sophisticated songwriters. Although they have been separated for periods of time due to individual musical and scholastic obligations, they have remained dedicated to each other and to their never ending quest to achieve a higher state of musical nirvana in their next live performance.

“If you’re looking for something smooth, silky, tender, passionate and infused with tasty jazz licks and funky beats, Everyman is undoubtedly for real.” –Jim Testa


New Time 3:30pm- Drink & Draw
Live models
$5 admission + 1 drink minimum

5:30pm- "Strange Past" cast & crew screening. 14 min.
A night out at a bar turns mysterious when a stranger in a fedora calls Meredith by the wrong name—and she admits she's changed her name many times before, reinventing herself each time. Sunny, Violet, Jacosta, Pauline... What’s to keep her from changing again and leaving her friends and fiancé behind? Who's the odd man in the hat and why did he bring a birdcage to a bar? Does the hot bartender really exist? The group fractures, seeking answers to these questions over the course of one surreal night. Directed by Kyle Gilman, written by Maggie Lehrman.


8pm- Zamba 2 Samba 
Genre: roots samba
For fans of: Marisa Monte, Elis Regina, Cartola, Nelson Cavaquinho, Adoniran Barbosa

Conceived as a tribute to "Samba de Raiz" or roots samba, Zamba 2 Samba delves deep into Brazil's musical past offering reinterpretations of Brazil's most joyous music from the '40's, '50's & '60's. Led by Susan Justice's beautiful, clear voice and backed by both Brazilian and a revolving group of international musicians, Zamba 2 Samba will take you to a small samba club in Lapa, Rio...at least for the night.


9pm- The Crevulators
Genre: Eclectic-Americana
For fans of: CCR, Stones, Nuggets, Doug Sahm, The Band, The Blasters, Los Lobos

Like a dusty old jukebox buried in the back of your odd uncle’s garage, The Crevulators take listeners on a listening trip through the great American soundscape. With influences ranging from classic country, rockabilly, rockn’roll, blues, jazz, garage-psych & even tejano, The Crevs dish up a mélange of everything that is American music.


10pm- Ben Clark and the Long Shadows
Genre: Acoustic, rock, folk, jazz, blues
For fans of: Dave Matthews Band, Punch Brothers, Jeff Buckley, Ra Ra Riot, Martin Sexton

Ben Clark is a singer/songwriter from Floyds Knobs, Indiana. The new project with THE LONG SHADOWS is a new ensemble currently featuring Clark on vocal and guitar, long time collaborator Nick Rapley on percussion, cellist Kristine Kruta, and guitarist/composer Eli Zoller. The material played is mostly from Clark's newest album TIME AND MILES APART, to be released Spring 2014.


4pm- Moving Pictures: Hand-picked entertainment on the big screen each Sunday evening at the Way Station.

A Fish Called Wanda/Fierce Creatures
John Cleese, Jamie Lee Curtis, Kevin Kline and Michael Palin bring you two of the funniest movies of all time (of ALL time.) Whether stealing jewels or running a zoo, these people definitely offer “something completely different.”

9pm- Nerd Karaoke
DJ JOE RUDE and The KINGS of KARAOKE present a Nerds Night to RAWK OUT at the BAR with the TARDIS!!! Come sing They Might Be Giants, Tom Lehrer, Jonathan Coulton, and MORE! No cover, awesome cocktails and fine beers on tap--its the best party Sunday can buy!


6pm- Monday Movie Madness: The Apple
Free Pizza!

8pm- Bones Howell

9pm- Marc Delgado of Wounded Knee
Genre: Alt-Rock/Americana/Folk
For fans of: R.E.M/Son Volt/Bob Dylan/Pavement/Grant Lee Buffalo

Marc Delgado’s songs are eclectic & unexpected & deal with characters trying to make sense of the American Landscape.


10pm- E.W. Harris
Genre: Astro-folk, Indie, Mutant Contemporary
For fans of: Bjork, John Martyn, Jeff Buckley, Tom Waits

Born in the rust belt and raised in the south EW Harris is an idiosyncratically American songwright. Combining powerful vocals and a unique guitar style, Harris explores the strangeness of living using themes tinged with southern darkness and drawn from the canon of science fiction. His solo album "A Waste of Water and Time" is available on Spotify, iTunes, and CDBaby. As well as fronting the Brooklyn based Sky Captains of Industry, and performing as a part of the Big City Folk, Local Correspondents, and Brooklyn Drinkers Union collectives, Harris is currently working on a new record entitled "Mimetic Desire" due our early 2015.

“E.W. Harris is oddly uniquely cool and strange, if that makes sense? It’s been a while since I’ve heard something so eclectic and interesting. On the [record], “A Waste of Water & Time”, Harris introduces a brand of music that cannot be kept inside the boundaries of any particular genre. While he classifies himself as a folk artist, after one listen, you’ll immediately know that this is not just folk music.” -Sensational - I Am Entertainment Magazine

“breaking out of the conventional mold and making a mark in the Athens music world....combines a singer-song writer jazz element, string arrangements, tapes, sequencers, spontaneously adjusted levels, keyboards, guitars, rhythmic drums and bass to form an integration of sound. They also like to tinker with simple toys and objects in order to produce unique, colorful sounds.” -Stephanie Friedrich - Athens Exchange


11pm- Cancion Franklin
Genre: Americana/blues music
For fans of: Leonard Cohen, Johnny Cash

One man show. True American vocally driven songs. Americana with focused guitar and country blues roots. Original songs only with a respect for lyrical expression.


7:30pm- Satellite Magazine: Let's Talk About Cities

9pm- Motel Sinclair 
Genre: Americana, alt-country, indie-rock & roll
For fans of: Cowboy Junkies, Fleetwood Mac, Janis Joplin

Motel Sinclair play heartfelt songs of love, betrayal, and redemption; music that is true to the soul and easy on the ear. Band members have played venues as diverse as Pennsylvania country fairs, upstate honky tonks, NYC's hippest clubs, and our finest mental health institutions. It all comes together in an honest rendition of life's ups, downs, and get-back-up-agains.


10pm- Fada 

11pm- Robin Irene Moss
Genre: singer/songwriter
For fans of: Ingrid Michaelson, Regina Spektor, Ella Fitzgerald

Robin Irene is a Brooklyn-based singer/songwriter. She writes and sings honest, passionate, sometimes sassy songs from the heart. Inspired by classic jazz, Motown, folk, and contemporary singer/songwriters, she has a unique sound. Her upcoming EP is titled, “I Like You”.


8pm- Heidi and the 9 Feathers 
Genre: New Weird America
For fans of: Dark Dark Dark, CocoRosie, Jefferson Airplane

Songs by Heidi Harris with the musical collaboration of 9 Feathers. Experimental and folky with a hint of pop. Tight and powerful harmonies with flute, viola, tape loops and a full band set-up. From intimate and sweet piano songs, to folk rock that tests the boundaries of song writing.

“Heidi Harris’ songs are big open spaces, full of possibility. Things happen, a succession of sonic events, and they follow a clear syntactical sequence, making song structures of an entirely recognizable kind, and yet there is always the sense that anything else might happen, at any moment.” - Oliver Arditi / News and reviews

"In the tradition of Kate Bush, Suzan Vega!" - KALTBLUT Magazine


9pm- Low Mein 

4 little boys make nice noise to the people sitting in the crowd. Music that makes your parents proud and your sister’s friend horny, you will be sure to get down.


10pm- Elijah Tucker
Genre: Rock/Soul/Folk
For fans of: Van Morrison, Stevie Wonder, Springsteen, Aretha Franklin, Philip Phillips

Elijah Tucker writes love-drunk odes to Goddesses of flesh and fantasy; loves Bruce Springsteen and Stevie Wonder in equal measure; plays guitar with his eyes closed and sings with his mouth open. His most recent album, "Saturn" has earned raves from the blogosphere. One fan, an ex-cop, told him: "when I just need to do some thinking, I put on 'Saturn' and cruise around the city."

“Tucker is bloody good at almost anything he touches. There are a lot of post-genre acts out there who say that no style or sound is off the table, but few make the transitions in between as well as Elijah Tucker.  “Saturn” is [like] a good party: running with a life of its own but never quite out of control.” Wildy Haskel, Wildy’s World

"It's a beautiful record."  --Elvis Costello


11pm- atlantic / pacific
Genre: Indie-Rock, Pop, Dance
For fans of: Phoenix, Vampire Weekend, Broken Social Scene, Mac Demarco, Hospitality

atlantic / pacific writes melodic dance rock with charming, catchy vocals on top. Brooklyn-based singers Liza Dzul and Yusuf Siddiquee cover topics ranging from sandwiches to Michigan to TRU LUV (in a happy way!). Other tags on soundcloud might include indie rock, electronic, chilly, bedroom rock, singer-songwriter, and pop, but you should come listen for yourself.


8pm- Earth To Aaron
Genre: Alternative, Folk, Bluegrass
For fans of: The Decemberists, The Lumineers, & Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros

Earth to Aaron is a stripped-down folk/bluegrass duo from Brooklyn, comprised of girl-guy harmonies and acoustic instruments. Their original music is heavily influenced by Good Old War, Paul Simon, The Weepies, and Neil Young giving them a poppy yet peculiar semblance.


9pm- The Gray Company 
Genre: Indie Pop/Rock/Soul
For fans of: The Smiths, Minus the Bear, Death Cab for Cutie

Formed early 2014, The Gray Company (hailing from Union, NJ) was the songwriting project of Jason and Zebeeb. Starting with the idea of writing happy music with melancholy lyrics, the two looked to fill out the sound once a few songs were hashed out. Adrian signed up on bass. Soon after, Josh was manipulated into playing drums.


10pm- The Waysties
The Waysties leave their barstools and take the stage for a night of raucous Irish songs and Irished-up rock covers. Featuring The Rose West's Alex and Robare, Painless Parker's Noam, Molly of Mist Covered Mountains and Sarah Biz.

11pm- Robot Mommy
Genre: Ambient/Experimental
For fans of: Broken Social Scene, Sigur Ros, Radiohead, Explosions in the Sky

Everybody needs a mother, even robots. Robot Mommy nurtures its audio algorithms into mature machines right before your ears with the care that only a metal matron could muster. Come witness the birth of binary from analog imagination.